Judge orders mental health check for mobster accused of extortion

When a wiseguy tried behaving as his own counsel last week in an prosecution on sovereign coercion charges, he was private from the courtroom.

When he tried pulling the same schtick Thursday, a Brooklyn sovereign judge systematic his dismissal — this time to a North Carolina hospital for a mental health check.

Brooklyn sovereign prosecutors charged Battista (Benny) Geritano, a conjectural Gambino crime family associate, for using the mail to dedicate extortion.

Geritano, 44, is already portion a 12-year judgment in state jail for a 2012 stabbing.

Mob boss fires his counsel in purported coercion case in NYC court

The new sovereign complaint says Geritano used the mail in Feb to dedicate the extortion. But little some-more is famous about the allegedly melancholy letters since prosecutors haven’t been means to get by an prosecution yet.

During last Thursday’s attempt, Geritano fired his allocated counsel on the spot, demanded to know the names of office and told a justice judge he was using the show in the courtroom. Marshals finished up putting Geritano back into the holding pen.

On Thursday, Judge Sterling Johnson sealed a force sequence to get Geritano in front of him.

When Geritano came to court, he started in speak about usurpation a “proof of claim,” among other jargon. Geritano pronounced he also wanted to know “what roles any of you play here today.”

Bonanno associate to get up to 7 years for role in gambling ring

Johnson wasn’t having it. He motionless to send Geritano to a sovereign medical core in Butner, North Carolina.

“I do not agree and do not accept your offer,” Geritano told the judge.

Johnson pronounced he wasn’t looking for Geritano’s agree and wasn’t “offering anything.”

Though Geritano still hasn’t been rigourously arraigned, the charge carries up to 20 years in prison.

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