Man admits to mist portrayal swastikas on his own house

Think before you ink.

A Schenectady, N.Y., man is in prohibited water after allegedly revelation to police that he mist embellished swastikas on his own residence and reported it as a hatred crime, according to the Times Union.

Andrew King reportedly pleaded guilty last week to misconduct charges for secretly stating an incident.

He’ll do 3 years of trial for the crime, according to the Times Union. He’s set to mount before a judge on Oct. 24 for sentencing.  

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King, 54, reported the purported hatred crime on Feb. 10. He claimed, at the time, that his home was vandalized.

Police arrested him just over a month after for fibbing about the incident, according to the Times Union.

The opening reported that King’s allegations came amid a debauch of hate-related crimes in the Schenectady area.

“A secretly reported hatred crime is in one clarity as bad as a genuine crime,” Robert Carney, the Schenectady County District Attorney, pronounced in a matter to the Times Union.

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“It stigmatizes a organisation of people, increases fear and tensions, and could inspire genuine copycat crimes. Mr. King put the village on corner in perpetrating this hoax and we wish this deposition will yield him some indispensable organisation and assistance.”

Neither the Schenectady Police Department nor the District Attorney’s bureau returned the Daily News’ ask for comment.

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