Man shot by brother-in-law after he confronts him about murder

It was a sharpened 22 years in the making.

A 41-year-old Bronx man who helped lift his girlfriend’s son after the boy’s father was murdered in 1995 confronted the man he believes obliged — his own brother-in-law — only to wound up shot himself.

Jorge Vasquez was shot in the wrist in the Wednesday night confrontation. His brother-in-law is still being sought for the shooting.

The family brawl that erupted into assault dates to Nov. 8, 1995. That’s when Jesus Aguilar was found, shot to death, in a construction embankment on Fox St.

Bronx man shot in face

Aguilar, who was possibly 17 or 18 at the time, left behind a 1-year-old son and the boy’s mother. She after met Vasquez, revelation him that his brother-in-law had committed the murder.

A police source pronounced the brother-in-law was not deliberate a think at the time of the murder and that detectives had focused on someone else — yet no detain has ever been made.

The brother-in-law was expelled from sovereign jail in 2014, annals show, yet it wasn’t transparent how prolonged he was behind bars.

After his release, Vasquez confronted him with his accusation. Whatever was pronounced between the two did not solve the tensions.

Cops slap crook who shot bystander in Brooklyn

On Jun 10, according to what Vasquez has told police, he was beaten up in front of his building on Beck. St. by his brother-in-law and two other men.

Then, on Wednesday, the brother-in-law came at him, again in front of his building, armed with a pipe.

Vasquez ran off, only to be shot an hour after on Avenue St. John, around the dilemma from his home.

On Friday, Vasquez’s blood route was still visible. But he was in no mood to talk.

“Leave me alone,” he told the Daily News from his bed at Lincoln Hospital, where he is recovering, his wrist in a sling.

“I’m gonna finish up getting earthy with you and you’re not going to like that. we don’t wish to answer nothing of your questions. Leave me alone, before we start flipping.”

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