Missing 3-year-old found in subterraneous water storage tank

Investigators in Florida have found the physique of a blank 3-year-old child in an subterraneous water storage tank hours after the child left from a family gathering.

Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office Assistant Chief Scott Dingee pronounced in a news discussion that investigators trust the physique found on Sunday dusk is Amari Harley. An autopsy is scheduled Monday.

Authorities contend Harley was reported blank from a city park after his family had searched for him for an hour.

The sheriff’s bureau launched a far-reaching hunt with some-more than 50 officers.

Fla. cops find boy, 3, passed hours after blank child alert

Dingee says “all options are on the table” for the agency’s investigation, and it has not been dynamic if Harley incidentally fell into the water tank.

Dingee says there are covers for the tanks but was uncertain if they were on properly.

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