Teen MS-13 torpedo told victim: ‘Don’t forget my name’

A teen MS-13 squad member told a 15-year-old girl not to “forget my name” before she tortured and murdered her last year in Virginia, the torpedo certified to cops.

Venus Romero Iraheta, now 18, pleaded guilty this week to holding the life of Damaris Reyes Rivas one year ago. Iraheta faces life in prison.

Prosecutors contend Iraheta and other squad members lured Reyes Rivas to a park in Fairfax County, where she was beaten and stabbed 23 times.

Iraheta discussed the brutal sum with police officers in a available talk on Feb. 14. The video was expelled on Wednesday, two days following her guilty plea.

MS-13 squad member narrated and filmed murder of teen: FBI agent

“I don’t remember how many times we stabbed her in the stomach,” Iraheta told police in Spanish, according to the talk obtained by Fox 5.

“Was it a lot?” an officer asked her.

Venus Romero Iraheta is confronting life in jail for the brutal slaying of Damaris Reyes Rivas.

Venus Romero Iraheta is confronting life in jail for the brutal slaying of Damaris Reyes Rivas.

(Fairfax County Police)

“Thirteen. Something like that,” she responded.

“Why 13?” the officer asked.

Teenage MS-13 mafiosi stabbed 15-year-old victim 13 times: FBI

“I don’t remember,” she responded. “No, we consider it was 12 here (pointing to her stomach) and the 13th was in here (pointing to her neck).”

Prosecutors trust the squad members were seeking payback for the murder of Iraheta’s boyfriend Christian Sosa Rivas. Iraheta believed Reyes Rivas set him up to be killed.

Damaris Reyes Rivas and Christian Sosa Rivas were not related.

“I asked her if at any time she had something to do with Christian,” Iraheta told cops, according to Fox 5. “She pronounced yes. we pronounced I’m not going to pardon you … we told her, ‘I warned you not to disaster with me. we told you not to disaster with Christian. we told you to stay divided from him or you would see what would happen. You don’t play with me.’ So we hit her. we kept attack her. Until they stopped me.”

Suspect in slay of Virginia teen was wearing ankle guard

Iraheta pronounced before she killed Reyes Rivas, she told her, “You are going to remember me until the day we see any other in hell.”

“Don’t forget my name,” she removed revelation her. “And we told her my full name.”

Damaris Reyes Rivas was killed one year ago in Virginia.

Damaris Reyes Rivas was killed one year ago in Virginia.


When asked if the murder worried her, Iraheta pronounced “no,” according to Fox 5. She also told cops she cut off the teen’s tattoo.

Iraheta is one of 10 people charged with the murder. She pleaded guilty to the murder on Monday, which was accurately one year after the slaying.

Cuomo announces program directed at helmet kids from MS-13

“Some kids are prodigies at the violin and some kids are prodigies at violence,” Fairfax County Commonwealth’s Attorney Ray Morrogh pronounced Monday, according to NBC. “This is a expert at violence.”

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