Toddler found erratic outward exposed and covered in feces

Police in Oklahoma stumbled on horrible vital conditions after a little child was found erratic the streets exposed and covered in feces.

The Norman Police Department perceived a call Tuesday about a 3-year-old child walking opposite a Sonic Drive-In to a preference store in Norman by himself, News 4 reports.

The child’s mother, Kimberly Dye, picked him up but authorities pronounced the little child was found after that day outward with no adult supervision.

The opening reports that the second time the little child was spotted, he was not wearing any pants, underwear or shoes. His legs and shirt were covered in feces and he had bruises and scratches on him.

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Police went to the boy’s home to speak to the mother, and detected the unit was filthy.

“One of the many offensive houses that they’ve walked into, just due to the condition,” Norman Police mouthpiece Sarah Jensen told News 4.

Kimberly Dye has a aver out for her detain after her son was found covered in feces erratic outward by himself.


Jensen pronounced the smell coming from the home was “difficult to handle” and the floors were dirty with human and animal feces.

She told the opening there was also rotting food in the kitchen and there were cockroaches and other insects everywhere.

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“It was a formidable stage for the officers to walk into,” she said. “So it was very tough for them that a child and another particular were actually vital there.”

In police body-camera video Dye is seen responding the doorway but tells police that her child is not missing.

“He was just in here,” she says as she looks into the apartment.

The little child has been taken into protecting control as the Department of Human Services determines what’s best for the child.

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Dye is charged with slight and has a aver out for her arrest.

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