Two women charged after bodies of immature children found on farm

Two Colorado women have been charged with murder after police detected the bodies of two immature girls on a farm.

Nashika Bramble, 36, and Madani Ceus, 37, were arrested last month along with 3 other people.

They were all primarily charged with deadly child abuse but prosecutors announced progressing this week that murder charges were combined for Bramble and Ceus.

A mouthpiece for the 7th Judicial District Attorney Dan Hotsenpiller told CBS News they could not criticism on what led to the murder charges.

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Madani Ceus (l) and Nashika Bramble were charged with murder after the bodies of two immature girls were found on a plantation in Colorado. 

(San Miguel County Sheriff)

Police detected the bodies of two womanlike children, between the ages of 5 and 10, in mid-September on a plantation in Norwood. Investigators pronounced they trust the girls had been passed for several weeks before the bodies were found.

“In my 37 years as sheriff, we have never seen anything as vicious and inhuman as this,” Sheriff Bill Masters pronounced in a statement.

Bramble and Ceus, along with 23-year-old Frederick Blair, 53-year-old Ika Eden and 50-year-old Nathanyah Nitchitu were arrested.

In further to the deadly child abuse charge, Blair and Nitchitu were charged with behaving as an appendage to a crime.

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Frederick Blair (l), Ika Eden (c) and Nathanyah Nitchitu were arrested after the bodies of children were found on a farm. 

(San Miguel County Sheriff)

Susan Lilly, a mouthpiece for the San Miguel County Sheriff’s Office, told the Daily News they are not commenting on how the bodies were found or what attribute the children had with the adults.

“The San Miguel Sheriff’s Office is stability its review into this comfortless case with the assistance of the Colorado Bureau of Investigation,” she said.

The means of death is being rubbed by the San Miguel County’s Coroner’s Office, but no information has been released.

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