Bill and Melinda Gates have spent billions on US preparation — but they are not nonetheless confident with the results

Bill and Melinda Gates
and Bill Gates.

Bill and Melinda Gates

  • The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has funneled billions
    in appropriation toward improving US preparation and lifting public
    high school graduation rates.
  • In Bill and Melinda’s annual letter, Bill writes that
    schools around the country are still “falling brief on
    critical metrics.”
  • The foundation’s new strategy focuses on listening to
    teacher feedback, and appropriation programs that are specific to
    any community.

On Tuesday, Bill and Melinda Gates published their annual letter. In it, the
pair answers 10 questions that people mostly ask them.

One doubt wonders what they “have to show” for the billions
the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has spent on US education
in the past decade.

“A lot, but not as much as possibly of us would like,” Bill Gates
writes. “Unfortunately, nonetheless there’s been some progress
over the past decade, America’s open schools are still falling
brief on critical metrics, generally college completion. And
the statistics are even worse for disadvantaged students.”

To help lift graduation rates, the substructure has given money
toward programs that aim to renovate low-performing

In 2008, the substructure poured hundreds of millions into
conceptualizing systems that weigh teachers — and often
establish their compensate and pursuit standing — formed on student
standardised test scores.
These systems are now controversial, given some experts say
the proceed does little to help teachers improve. Today,

30 states need schools to consider test scores in teacher

In 2009, the Gates Foundation also started giving hundreds of
millions toward formulating and selling what became the Common
Core, standards that outline what K-12 students should know at
the finish of any grade.

A 2016
report from The National Assessment of Educational
Progress (NAEP) discussed the results of testing
representative representation of high school students who had gone
by 7 years of Common Core curriculum and tests. On
average, from 2013 to 2015, the students’ scores forsaken in math
and flatlined in reading.

In the letter, the Gates’ pronounced they have schooled that “strong
leadership, proven enlightening practices, a healthy school
culture, and high expectations are all key” to improving US

Melinda Gates serve explained the foundation’s new strategy for
improving center and high schools opposite the country. It focuses
on assisting educators create and exercise their own strategies,
which will be specific to any village or school. The
substructure will help teachers and administrators accumulate and
investigate data, and persevere appropriation toward strategies that seem to

“Some networks of schools will concentration on approaches that we have a
lot of knowledge with, like stronger curricula and teacher
feedback systems. Others will demeanour at areas that are new to us,
like mentoring programs to palliate the formidable transitions from
center to high school and high school to college,” she wrote.

Watch the Gates’ quickly answer a few other questions below:


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