De Blasio, Fariña hear primogenitor fears after Bronx school stabbing

Days after a tyro was stabbed to death in a city school, relatives vented their fears to Mayor de Blasio and Chancellor Carmen Fariña — who told one worried mom a furious classroom competence just be “interactive learning.”

The city officials held an insinuate city gymnasium for open school primogenitor leaders from opposite the city at a library in Harlem on Monday, where relatives peppered them with questions about bullying, mental health services and better training for relatives and teachers.

“To know a child has actually died in a school, I’m just like out of my mind right now,” Renesha Westbrooks-Martinez, a mom of 4 from Bushwick, said.

Police contend Urban Assembly School for Wildlife Conservation tyro Abel Cedeno, 18, flew into a fury and stabbed two students, Matthew McCree, 15, and Ariane Laboy, 16, after they tossed papers and pencils at him. Cedeno had formerly been bullied, sources said.

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Mayor de Blasio answers questions from the members of the village during a city gymnasium assembly at a library in Harlem.

(Anthony DelMundo/New York Daily News)

For Westbrooks-Martinez, the stabbing — in the participation of teachers — called to mind furious classrooms she’d visited.

“I’m actually sitting with my child and I’m seeing all of the children just hopping around, making noise, shoving on any other, throwing papers, either it’s bullying or not,” she said. “There’s a teacher there right and we consider my regard for me, I’m like, oh my goodness, this teacher has no control.”

She wanted to know either teachers in Cedeno’s category would be held responsible.

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Mayor de Blasio and School Chancellor Carmen Fariña held an insinuate city gymnasium for open school primogenitor leaders from opposite the city.

(Anthony DelMundo/New York Daily News)

“That’s the thing that keeps going opposite my conduct as we keep meditative about this: my child is not safe,” Westbrooks-Martinez said, adding school reserve officers do little.

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De Blasio pronounced the review into what accurately happened in the category was under way — and that it was too early to expel aspersions.

“A classroom that’s not in sequence is something we don’t accept, we wish to make really transparent of that,” he said.

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Fariña spoke at length about the city’s work to boost school reserve agents. But when it came to the classroom stage Westbrooks-Martinez described, she pronounced the kids competence just have been learning.

“I just wish to be transparent that a lot of what happens in classrooms that infrequently can demeanour furious is interactive learning,” she said. “Certainly if kids are not being disciplined, are not profitable attention, that’s on us. But a lot some-more relatives need be wakeful that we wish to hear a lot some-more articulate in classrooms, we wish to to hear students articulate to any other, operative together.”

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After the meeting, Westbrooks-Martinez pronounced that’s not what she saw.


Ariane Laboy (left) and Matthew McCree were both stabbed at their Bronx high school. McCree died from his wounds.

(Obtained by News)

“I’ve seen classes where it was just — not like what (Chancellor) Fariña said, since we know the difference, when everybody is participating, everybody is involved, I’m vehement about that, I’ve seen that in the classrooms as well,” she said. “And I’ve also seen where children are just not engaged, maybe moving back and forth, really just in their own thing, and that concerns me as well.”

Mona Davids, boss of the New York City Parents Union, pronounced Fariña indispensable to stop making excuses.

“Chancellor Fariña is refusing to acknowledge that we have many schools in crisis,” she said. “It’s almost as if she thinks we are stupid. It’s descent and it’s condescending — we know the disproportion between interactive training and a classroom that’s out of control.”

Family to sue over tyro who was stabbed by bullied classmate

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Abel Cedeno is the purported torpedo in the Bronx school stabbing.

(Andrew Savulich/New York Daily News)

While many have questioned either steel detectors should be some-more widely used after the stabbing — Cedeno allegedly brought in a knife he’d systematic from Amazon, which cops contend the detectors would have found — no relatives brought up the subject. Upping school reserve crew and fighting bullying dominated the questions from the parents, many of whom served on village preparation councils or in other school roles.

Souad Kirama pronounced her daughter had been bullied at an Astoria center school for gaining weight and for wearing a conduct scarf. Another child’s family left the school after the child was called “Isis” by bullies, she said.

“I don’t see much certain opinion from facile school when it comes to bullying or a new form of injustice or discrimination,” she said, asking the mayor to be some-more merciful and critical about the issue.

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