Four harmed in scholarship examination left wrong at Bronx school

Four St. Catharine Academy students were harmed Wednesday when a chemistry scholarship examination with a bunsen burner went badly at the Bronx school, officials said.

The fumble took place at about 8:35 a.m. in the all girls Catholic high school on Williamsbridge Road nearby Astor Ave. in Allerton.

Two were critically harmed during a chemistry proof and two were in fast condition, officials said.

“She was just singed but she’s fine. Accidents happen,” pronounced the father of one of the girl as he brought her back to school around 12:30 p.m. He didn’t give his name.

Two harm after Bronx glow courage three-story home

Mikayla Marcus, 14, listened shrieks from the building above her when the fire erupted.

“At first when we listened it, it was flattering low but then it got louder,” she said. “It sounded arrange of like shouting so we were confused but it sounded arrange of like screaming so we suspicion it was coming from the gym underneath us. We suspicion they were just personification around.”

Taylor Dziuma, 17, was going to her homeroom next doorway to the chemistry lab when she listened the commotion.

“The superintendence counselors were all there and they were observant to bring the girls down to get medical help,” she said. “They were just trying to ease everybody down. They asked us to stay in the classrooms so there wasn’t any chaos.”

Dziuma was told that the students were clustered around their teacher while he did a demonstration.

“He was demonstrating how to use them and too much came out,” she said. “Usually that doesn’t happen, it was just a mistake. (He) is a really good chemistry teacher.”

She pronounced there is a showering in the classroom just in case there is an collision with the chemicals.

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The occurrence occurred at St. Catharine Academy on Williamsbridge Road nearby Astor Ave. in Allerton.

(Howard Simmons/New York Daily News)

“They called the ambulance, firefighters and everybody came and legalised the room to make certain all was OK,” she said. “No chemicals were involved, I’m flattering sure.”

Marcus, a 9th category student, listened that the students in the category were training about the opposite properties of fire.

“The crazy thing is, we had chemistry for fourth period,” she said. “I was ostensible to be in that category too. We already did that examination the week before and zero happened.”

Marcus explained the examination concerned making a fire change color.

“It was kind of dangerous when he did it but he was very careful,” she said. “I’m guessing it was the same way with this.”

Marcus pronounced the teacher told her category it was a mistake with the ethanol he was using in the experiment.

“I consider that while he was pouring the ethanol in, the fire held onto the bottle by accident,” she said.

The school has an enrollment of about 470 students.

Sister Patricia Wolf, boss of the school that was founded in 1889 and is run by the Sisters of Mercy, pronounced no dangerous materials were involved.

“This morning an collision occurred during a proof in which several students were singed by a fire in the chemistry lab,” Wolf said.

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