Mom banned from Success Academy refuses to contend contemptible for cursing

A mom barred from a Success Academy licence school for impiety in front of kids pronounced Wednesday she’ll never apologize — and is now pulling her other child out of the city’s biggest licence school network.

Success Academy school doubled down on their requirement that she contend she’s contemptible — claiming the mom used F-bombs and deserved 0 tolerance.

The brawl exhilarated up as the school temporarily waived the expulsion of primogenitor Latasha Battle, 40, and allowed her to attend her son’s fourth-grade graduation at Success Academy’s Cobble Hill school in Brooklyn.

“There’s a lot of issues we have with this school and I’m overtly tired,” Battle pronounced as she awaited the start of the rite in the school’s auditorium.

Mom banned from NYC licence school campus for observant ‘damn’

Battle says on Apr 26, relatives and students were stuck station in the rain given the school wouldn’t nudge from its policy of gripping the doors close until 7:35 a.m. sharp.

When the doors opened, she said, “It’s a damn shame the school done these kids mount in the pouring rain.”

Hours later, school principal Brittany Roberti sent Battle a minute exclusive her from school skill “until you report an appointment with me to apologize for your function and oath that it will not occur again.”

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Success Academy Cobble Hill at 284 Baltic St. in Brooklyn.

(Jeff Bachner/for New York Daily News)

Battle refused to contend contemptible and was forced to collect up her two children from the K-4 school at the front opening every day while all the other kids were expelled into the school yard. She pronounced Roberti hadn’t oral with her again until Tuesday — only after the Daily News asked questions about the incident.

Success Academy boss tells because the licence school is good

“She hasn’t called me the whole whole time given she told me we had to apologize. we pronounced I’m not apologizing so you need to hang that up. And then all of the remarkable … she calls me and we hung up on her.”

Still mad at her diagnosis by the school, Battle pronounced after her 10-year-old son, Joshua, graduates, she’ll repel her daughter, Jada, who’s in third grade.

“I’m leaving. I’m holding my children and I’m never coming back no more,” she said. “I’m sleepy of this place. At 8:15 a.m. it’s graduation and then I’m out of here. It’s ridiculous.”

Moskowitz declined to yield specifics when asked for a criticism at an separate news discussion Wednesday.

Eva Moskowitz’s Success Academy wins $250G Broad Prize

“There were a lot of inaccuracies in the story and we will be happy to pronounce to you about them afterwards,” Moskowitz said, but a orator after pronounced she would not pronounce on the subject.

Brittany Davis-Roberti, principal of Success Academy Cobble Hill in Brooklyn, asked Battle to apologize for impiety in front of other schoolkids.


Instead, Ann Powell, a clamp president, pronounced in an email — with portions in all collateral letters — steady the school’s chronicle of events.

“This lady did not ‘say.’ She screamed. And the principal did not take it personally, she asked for a assembly with Ms. Battle to residence function that was inapt in front of children. Uttering a abuse word is distant opposite that screaming aloud and using the F-word.”

But primogenitor Marlena Mitchell, whose granddaughter has attended the school for 3 years, advanced Battle’s chronicle of events and questioned the principal’s minute demanding an apology.

Eva Moskowitz’s obligatory lessons

“It’s not right. She (Battle) was not directing her complaints to no other parents. we would be livid for them to do something like that to me,” Mitchell said. “If it wasn’t for people making a stink, they were going to try to keep her from coming to graduation. This is a miracle in a child’s life-how are you going to tell the mom she can’t be there?”

Mitchell pronounced she had no issues with the school’s curriculum, but bloody the school for its diagnosis of families.

“I have a problem with the administration,” she said. “The way they provide relatives and understanding with relatives is ridiculous. They don’t pronounce to the relatives about how they’re going to provide your children, and when they make a decision it’s final. They get annoyed if you disagree.”

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