Mom’s ‘Operation Backpack’ gets reserve to homeless NYC students

For Rachel Weinstein, donating 140,000 backpacks to homeless students over the past 15 years was simple maternal instinct.

“As a mom who was just selling for her own child, this was unacceptable,” she said, recalling the roots of Operation Backpack.

Relying only on the munificence of big-hearted New Yorkers, this will be Operation Backpack’s second year donating a bag to every tyro vital in a city shelter.

“I don’t remember how this became city-wide,” pronounced Weinstein, the arch growth and communications officer of Volunteers of America-Greater New York.

A yearly pull to get school reserve to homeless kids is underway

“Word got out we theory and we started getting phone calls of course. And the open was just so compelled by the campaign.”

Starting early any August, roughly 2,000 volunteers enter VOA’s Brooklyn room where the bags are stored and fill them with materials.

Each bag contains hand-picked reserve that conform to any age group: students in pre-K and kindergarten, and those in elementary, center and high school.

The older the student, the some-more school reserve they need and the some-more costly the backpack. But Weinstein says it all goes to a good cause.

“We can help a little bit since if we can get them excited, we know that a high school preparation and a diploma is pivotal to breaking the cycle,” she added.

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