NYC teacher helps immigrant students surpass in AP English classes

None of the students at the Manhattan Academy for Arts and Language can pronounce English when they enter the school.

In fact, many start but any poignant grave preparation or preparation skills.

But untiring English teacher Lauren McCoy has figured out how to meet the needs of all her students, and fast build their preparation and denunciation ability.

McCoy is now teaching one of the school’s first-ever Advanced Placement classes. She’s holding students who just schooled English to the next level, where they’re essay clever controversial research essays and holding the AP exam.

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For her unusual efforts to help kids training English, McCoy is nominated for a Hometown Heroes in Education award.

“I was teaching classes to prepared students for the English regents but then satisfied we wanted to aim aloft than that and make them college and career ready,” pronounced McCoy, 28.

McCoy’s passion for teaching and denunciation motivate her work at Manhattan Academy for Arts and Language in Murray Hill, where she has been a teacher for 4 years.

Her students accost from countries such as the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Ecuador, Yemen, Senegal, and more.

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And for many of those kids, it’s their first time having a grave preparation and introduction to the English language.

McCoy satisfied the onslaught of training a new denunciation when she started study Spanish as a beginner at Kalamazoo College in Michigan.

Her joining to the denunciation led her to study abroad in Quito, Ecuador and after learn English in the Dominican Republic after she graduated.

It didn’t take prolonged for her to shake things up at the school.

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McCoy is holding students who just schooled English to the AP level.

(Susan Watts/New York Daily News)

McCoy helped launch the school’s first Advanced Placement English march in 2016, one of two AP classes offering at Manhattan Academy.

Since many students in her classes are at opposite levels in terms of ability, McCoy meets them where they’re at.

That doesn’t meant making the assignments reduction challenging, but introducing students to news methods for bargain what their reading such as looking at representation essays and breaking them apart.

“I didn’t make the readings easier, but gave them the collection they indispensable to know the readings,” pronounced McCoy.

McCoy will be teaching a second AP category this arriving school year that starts in September.

“I’m anticipating that having some-more AP classes at school pushes students to plea themselves even more,” McCoy said.


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