NYCLU calls for finish to examine of principal’s ‘Communist activity’

The New York Civil Liberties Union wants the city Education Department to stop questioning a Brooklyn principal accused of communist organizing on campus.

Park Slope Collegiate School Principal Jill Bloomberg is now under examination for “Communist activities holding place at the school,” according to a lawsuit Bloomberg filed against the city over the examine in April.

Bloomberg insists the charge is fraudulent and the city really is coming after her in plea for her outspoken remarks on secular inequality.

Apparently the NYCLU agrees.

Park Slope Collegiate principal ‘Commie’ examine widened

“Principals and teachers do not remove their right to free debate just since they work at a school,” NYCLU Executive Director Donna Lieberman pronounced Thursday. “This misled examination has all the earmarks of a magician hunt. It is out of control and must finish immediately.”

On Wednesday, NYCLU attorneys sent a minute to city Education Department lawyers propelling them to finish the examine that began in February.

Bloomberg, who’s remained on the pursuit while the examine is ongoing, was gratified to have the successful polite rights organisation on her side.

“It validates what we’ve been saying, which is that there are no grounds for the investigation,” she said. “It’s retaliatory and unconstitutional. What they’re really trying to do is overpower any advocacy for formation and anti-racism.”

Judges, NYCLU ask NYPD because it should secrete disciplinary files

But Education Department orator Michael Aciman pronounced the city is duty-bound to examine charges against Bloomberg.

Organizing a domestic party on school grounds violates dialect policy.

“The Office of Special Investigations has an requirement to examination and examine all reports of bungle that it receives,” Aciman said. “The complaints against Ms. Bloomberg enclose allegations that, if true, would consecrate violations of several chancellor’s regulations and Department of Education rules.”

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