24 million opioid prescriptions were released last year

  • Some 81% of Europe’s altogether overdose deaths in 2015 were associated to opioids
  • Opioids alongside heart disease, stroke or diabetes remedy is dangerous 
  • The remedy multiple also increases users’ risk of high blood pressure 
  • Opioids are sedating, making people passed and disturbing their metabolism 
  • President Trump has announced the widespread a inhabitant open health emergency

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From paracetamol to co-codamol, 24 million opioid prescriptions were given out in the UK in 2016, which is double that of just 10 years ago.

Europe’s altogether overdose deaths also rose for the third uninterrupted year in 2015 to 8,441; 81 per cent of which were associated to opioids. 

Now new examine from the largest study of its kind reveals patients holding painkillers alongside remedy for heart disease, stroke or diabetes are 95 per cent some-more likely to spin portly as the opiate drugs make people passed and impact their metabolism.

Earlier this year TV presenter Ant McPartlin from the twin Ant Dec non-stop up about his obsession to remedy painkillers after injuring his knee two years ago. 

Now sober, the I’m A Celebrity presenter was told by his alloy he could have died after immoderate thriving amounts of opioid-based painkillers cleared down with alcohol.

Opioids, which mostly lead to addicts experimenting with illegal substances such as heroin, have caused some-more deaths by random overdose than any other drug in US history, heading to President Trump dogmatic the widespread a inhabitant open health emergency in October.  

From paracetamol to co-codamol, 24 million opioid prescriptions were given out in 2016

From paracetamol to co-codamol, 24 million opioid prescriptions were given out in 2016

From paracetamol to co-codamol, 24 million opioid prescriptions were given out in 2016

How the new examine was carried out  

Researchers from the University of Newcastle analysed 133,401 people holding drugs for diabetes, heart illness or stroke.

Of which, 7,423 participants were also prescribed medication, including opioids, for ongoing pain for conditions such as migraines and lower-back discomfort.

The participants were asked about their smoking status, ethanol intake, activity levels and normal hours of nap a night. 

Painkillers boost the risk of plumpness by up to 95% 

Results exhibit people holding painkillers alongside drugs for heart disease, diabetes and stroke are 95 per cent some-more likely to be obese.


As good as Ant McPartlin, the following celebrities have battled painkiller addiction:

In 1993 the King of Pop Michael Jackson cancelled his worldwide ‘Dangerous’ debate after building a painkiller obsession from a 1984 bake injury. 

When Winona Ryder was arrested for shoplifting in 2001, police found eight opposite painkillers in her purse, which she pronounced make you ‘out of your head’.

In 2002, Friends star Matthew Perry certified to holding the painkiller Vicodin to help him overcome his hangovers from his ethanol addiction. 

Nicole Richie also suffered from Vicodin obsession and was under the change when she was arrested for pushing the wrong way down a Californian turnpike in 2006. The Simple Life star claimed she used it for menstrual cramps.

Rapper Eminem reportedly used to splash a bottle of rum churned with Vicodin and enjoyment but kicked the robe after the birth of his daughter Hailie Jade in 1995.

Actress Jamie Lee Curtis, who is also a recuperating alcoholic, became dependant to painkillers after holding them for a cosmetic procedure. 

They are also 82 per cent some-more likely to have a ‘very high risk’ waist rim and 63 per cent some-more likely to rise high blood pressure.

This may be due to painkillers causing sedation, which reduces people’s enterprise to exercise.

Such drugs have also been related to insomnia and uneasy night breathing, which boost the risk of obesity. 

The painkillers pregabalin, gabapentin and amitrptyline are famous to impact metabolism, which can means weight gain.

Lead author Dr Sophie Cassidy, said: ‘We already know that opiates are dependency-forming but this study also found patients holding opiates have the misfortune health. Obesity rates are much aloft and the patients reported sleeping poorly.

‘These results supplement serve weight to calls for these ongoing pain drugs to be prescribed for shorter periods.’

The commentary were published in the biography PLOS One. 

Rise of fake opioids 

Drug traffickers, quite from China, are producing some-more potent, dangerous variants of opioids to offshoot new users. 

The European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA) pronounced there is a flourishing hazard from fake opioids.

EMCDDA’s systematic executive Paul Griffiths said: ‘We have seen in the last 18 months the fast presentation of new rarely manly fake opioids, mostly fentanyl derivatives.

‘Their potential means they poise a poignant risk to those that devour them or are incidentally unprotected to them.’  

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