Dr. Samadi: What to do if your sex drive is stuck in low gear

Should you worry or not about your sex drive?

Your libido — how would you rate it? Are you always gung-ho for sex the second you burst into bed or does it need some time for support and reawakening to get you in the mood?

The enterprise to be insinuate has many factors compared with it — your age, stress, emotions, and even medication. Whether your sex drive is stuck in overdrive or hovers in low gear, issues with libido apparently plays a poignant role in how active your adore life is.

Here are some common questions many of us may have in regards to what is normal or not concerning the sex drive:

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My enterprise for sex has gradually reduced over time. Is this normal?

For women, losing enterprise for sex is not uncommon. Women go by extensive corporeal changes over the march of their life from pregnancy to menopause, so it is ideally normal to have ups and downs with their libido.

With age, the ovaries furnish reduction estrogen and testosterone and with a dump in the male sex hormone, a woman’s libido can take a nose dive as well. Loss of estrogen can lead to vaginal dryness heading to pain during retort which will tinge out intimacy.

For men, testosterone levels revoke which can outcome in erectile dysfunction (ED) along with a flourishing prostate, causing a man to make visit night trips to the bathroom. Not accurately factors for getting in the mood.

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What to do: Loss of libido is always a sign of something not utterly normal. It could be an underlying health condition or psychological issues. If miss of sex drive is not due to menopause, women should plead this with their alloy to figure out the cause. Men experiencing ED or signs of BPH, should also be straightforward with their medicine on regulating the conditions to make sex some-more silken once again.

Sex used to be a good highlight reliever but now it only kills my enterprise for it. Is this normal?

Stress is always with us but the volume we feel at any one time depends on how much we got going on in the lives. If there are too many stressors knocking at your doorway distracting you from adore and romance, your sex drive will be fast squelched. It mostly seems the older we get, the some-more there is to highlight about.

What to do: If highlight keeps building to the indicate of you can’t shake it, it could be a sign of depression, anxiety, or other health issue. Having additional highlight will reduce libido and if it continues, it will only lead to problems in the bedroom.

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This is when it’s a good time to find other means of releasing stress. Use healthy ways to conceal highlight such as unchanging exercise, listening to music, plead or devise an dusk of fun.

Dr. David Samadi

Dr. David Samadi

However, when issues of highlight never really get resolved, deliberate with a alloy to be referred to a mental health advisor to solve the issue.

* My calmative seems to spin off desires for sex. Is this normal?

Antidepressants such as resourceful serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRI) have been famous to impact libido. When first holding them is when a person may notice a dump in sex drive but generally with time, libido earnings within a few months. Women using antidepressants may have vaginal dryness and may need lubricants for this.

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What to do: Never stop holding an calmative but first articulate to your alloy about it. Find out if this is normal as not all antidepressants impact your libido. There are non-SSRI antidepressants that won’t meddle with sex drive and that may the solution to reviving your adore life.

The older we get the sex we want. Is this normal?

This mostly can be the case for many couples who are happy, healthy long-term matrimony or attribute which is a pleasing surprise. Now that you both are gentle with any other, you substantially now longer have anxieties about your appearance, career struggles, or immature children walking in your bedroom unannounced.

Feelings of predicament have prolonged left and you may feel freer to demonstrate yourself the way you’ve always wanted but worry of criticism.

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What to do: In one word — rejoice. Unless your sex drive is in a henceforth high rigging mode and your partner is angry or avoiding you, then penchant in this new proviso of your life.

But if the passionate urges are so clever that it is causing you to have unsure sex despite the consequences or you are using sex as a means of shun from problems, then make an appointment with your alloy to plead probable causes.

Dr. Samadi is a board-certified urologic oncologist lerned in open and normal and laparoscopic medicine and is an consultant in robotic prostate surgery. He is authority of urology, arch of robotic medicine at Lenox Hill Hospital. He is a medical writer for the Fox News Channel’s Medical A-Team. Follow Dr. Samadi on Twitter, Instagram, Pintrest, SamadiMD.com, davidsamadiwiki, davidsamadibio and Facebook.

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