Fire ants could be used to help Kim Kardashian

Fire ants may one day help psoriasis sufferers.

Scientists at Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta found that in rodent studies compounds subsequent from solenopsins — the poisonous member of fire termite venom — eases skin thickening and inflammation compared with psoriasis.

The ongoing autoimmune commotion affects 7.5 million Americans, including TV reality star Kim Kardashian. Current treatments embody accepted steroids. While stream options are effective in balmy red, flaky skin, side effects embody skin thinning and easy bruising.

For the study, researchers tested two solenopsins on mice with psoriasis. Solenopsins are chemically identical to ceramides — molecules found in skincare products to say the separator duty of skin.

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Fire ants are being complicated as a way to fight an autoimmune commotion that affects 7.5 million Americans.

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Rodents were given one of the two skin creams for 28 days. A control organisation of mice were given no treatment. At the finish of the test period, treated mice had 30% reduction skin thickening than controls. They also had 50% fewer defence cells infiltrating the skin and aggressive itself, which occurs in psoriasis.

“We trust that solenopsin analogs are contributing to full replacement of the separator duty in the skin,” pronounced lead author Jack Arbiser, highbrow of dermatology at Emory. “Emollients can ease the skin in psoriasis, but they are not sufficient for replacement of the barrier.”

Kim Kardashian has discussed her exchange with psoriasis.

Kim Kardashian has discussed her exchange with psoriasis.


Further investigate is indispensable and the use on people is down the road. But scientists are carefree that their fire termite investigate could lead to future treatments and be used in multiple with existent ones to fight psoriasis.

The study, finished in partnership with Case Western Reserve, is to be published in the biography Scientific Reports.

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