Lawsuit claims surgeon took Spanish test while operating

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. — A suburban New York lady has sued a doctor, claiming he used his cellphone to take a denunciation test while handling on her. The Journal News reports 70-year-old Mary Edwards, of Port Chester, filed a lawsuit Monday in state Supreme Court against Dr. Eric Fishman and his employer, Westmed Medical Group. The lawsuit seeks vague financial damages.

Fishman achieved medicine on Edwards to fix varicose veins twice in 2017. According to the lawsuit, Edwards claims Fishman had a review in Spanish on his cellphone during the second outpatient procedure.

Edwards’ attorney, Mitchell Baker, says his client is smooth in English and Spanish and could hear and know what the alloy was observant while she was under internal anesthetic. According to the lawsuit, she overheard him tell someone on the phone that he suffered from diabetes and had confused vision.

“She was in comprehensive terror during the operation,” Baker told The Journal News. “She had no idea what was going on until after.”

Edwards claims Fishman after explained he was holding a Spanish inclination test during the surgery. According to the lawsuit, Fishman pronounced that the time of Edwards’ operation coincided with the only time he could take the verbal exam, so he did it while he was handling on her.

The lawsuit cites a 2016 matter from the American College of Surgeons that states the use of cellphones in the handling room “may poise a daze and may concede studious care.”

A Westmed mouthpiece pronounced the company doesn’t criticism on tentative litigation.

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