John Skipper Net Worth 2018: How Much Is The Former ESPN President Worth Now?

John Skipper stepped down from his position as President of ESPN and Co-Chairman of all the Disney Media Networks. He cited a piece abuse problem for his resignation. Skipper was one of the biggest behind the sciences contributors in ESPN History. But how much is this sports media guru actually worth?

John Skippers Net Worth as of 2018: $15 Million

How did one man make so much off of a sports media channel?


Skipper grew up in Lexington North Carolina attending Lexington Senior High School. From an early age John always had a imagination for the created word. He attended the University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill where he majored in English Literature. He followed that up with a Masters grade in English Literature from Columbia University in New York City.

Early Career

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Once he finished his studies he began his veteran career as a secretary at Rolling Stone magazine. He changed up the ranks fast apropos a staff author within 2 years. He also worked for US Magazine and Spin during his years heading unto his pursuit with ESPN


This Washington Post title warmed my heart good spent many of my life fortifying the choice of an English Lit grade – it’s smashing to see a associate 60-year-old English Lit absolve the demographic. Go, #johnskipper! #englishlit #englishliterature #espn #happynews #englishmajor #englshmajorproblems #turning60 #wapo

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June 1997: He was named Senior Vice President and General Manager of ESPN The Magazine.

October 2005: He became Executive Vice President of Content.

January 2012: He was named President of ESPN, Inc. He was also named the co-chairman of Disney Media Networks. Where he perceived $5 million per year in salary.

ESPN keeps their salaries under wraps for the many partial but we was means to find out that little nugget.

As we mentioned above John Skipper has retired from his position as President of ESPN and Co-chairman of Disney Media Networks as of Dec 18, 2017. John has copiousness to demeanour back on to be unapproachable of but for his sake, we wish him good in his liberation and wish he can minister to sports in the future!

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