Kim Jong Un Says Continuing Dialogue With South Korea Important

Speaking to the KCNA state media outlet, North Korea’s Kim Jong Un seemed very upbeat about continued tact after the Winter Olympics, observant that he sees a “warm meridian of settlement and dialogue,” and that gripping up with the discourse is important.

Kim Yo Jong shakes hands with South Korea’s President Moon

It’s tough to trust that about a month ago, the two Koreas had no approach contacts at all. A couple of brief meetings in the DMZ led to North Korea promulgation a very high-level commission to the Winter Olympics, and that’s led to a lot of opportunities for talking, and expressions of unity.

Now, the two nations are roving high on the Olympics, and South Korea’s President Moon has a station invitation to revisit North Korea, an event that would potentially be even some-more poignant than what’s come so far.

Kim says he believes South Korea’s accommodation for their last notation Olympic impasse was “very impressive,” and while US officials continue to downplay the chances of the tact amounting to anything, it seems it already has, and both Kim and Moon are looking to build on the clever substructure they’ve unexpected got.

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