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Mom of 3 livestreams lethal confront with ex on Fb

A Louisiana mom who was shot routine by a former beloved livestreamed a lethal confront on Fb.

Rannita Williams begged her on-again-off-again accomplice, Johnathan Robinson, 36, to stop melancholy her within a video.

“Cease, Johnathan,” she competence be listened saying. “Cease, Johnathan.”

Robinson and Williams had shop-worn adult dual years earlier, in suitability with a relative.

Williams was reportedly in a attribute with another person, and was pleased.

Robinson reliable adult during Williams’ dwelling, a place he hold her hostage, authorities mentioned, in suitability with a Shreveport Times.

He dismissed cinema during military and during Williams, who died.

Robinson was charged with one rest of second-degree homicide, one rest of being a law-breaker in possession of a firearm, dual depends of candid transgression mistreat to skill and 7 depends of attempted first-degree homicide, jail information present. He’s being hold during Caddo Correctional Middle.

An aunt described Williams as essential and humble, in suitability with a report. She worked as a hair dresser and inside designer, Trina Williams mentioned.

Police responded to a news of cinema dismissed on a home turn 10:48 a.m.

Officers have been dismissed during on arrival. At a slightest one officer was struck within a wrist, in suitability with studies.

The three-minute-long Fb video captures a antagonistic rumpus between Williams and Robinson. It has given been lost from a location.

“Now apologize b—-,” Robinson tells Williams.

The digital camera flips turn and Williams addresses a viewers.

“He y’all, this NuNu,” she says.

Johnathan Robinson, 36, shot and killed Rannita Williams in Shreveport, La.

Johnathan Robinson, 36, shot and killed Rannita Williams in Shreveport, La.

(Louisiana Police)

She gives an apology, though it surely’s misleading what for.

“Sure, we used to be improper. we didn’t have any craving going off like that,” she mentioned.

Robinson paces behind Williams, yelling.

“I don’t give a f— about police, we hear,” he says as he walks divided and opens a doorway to a house.

“Wanna be well-known? I’ll make we f—— well-known,” he says.

Six cinema are dismissed on a door—at that turn Williams begs Robinson to “cease.”

The write tumbles to a ground, and 3 additional cinema competence be heard.

“Now, b—-. Gave over,” Robinson says, station over a telephone, a Shreveport Occasions studies.

Police reliable that a footage was prisoner inside Williams’ dwelling.

Officers surrounded a chateau — and have been dismissed during progressing than impediment Robinson.

Williams was detected contained in a chateau with life-threatening accidents. She was taken to a sanatorium however was announced routine on arrival.

Robinson was armed with a rifle, in suitability with authorities.

Williams’ family described Robinson as aroused towards her previously.

“I indicate mainly, we assume (he came visiting) to woe her. That’s a one cause we might see,” Trina Williams mentioned. “She didn’t merit it. Why would we even come right here?”

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