GOPer Ben Sasse Throws Flames At Sean Hannity: ‘Some Of Us Still Believe In The Constitution’

Republican Sen. Ben Sasse spotless Sean Hannity’s time on Thursday, revelation the Trump puppet and Fox News horde that “some of us still trust in the Constitution.”

The flame-throwing on the partial of Sasse came after Hannity tweeted this oppressive response to the GOP senator’s criticisms of Trump.

In his tweet, Hannity called Sasse “just useless.”

Hannity’s whiney Twitter post follows a matter expelled by Sasse on Wednesday, in which the Republican senator took Trump to charge for melancholy to “challenge” NBC News’ license, which would be a overwhelming attack on the U.S. Constitution.

The oppressive critique from Sasse came after Trump posted this discouraging chatter progressing in the week:

The squabble between Hannity and Sasse is representative of the two wings of the GOP that exist right now – one that will stay constant to Trump no matter what he says and does, and another that hopes to see the party say some turn of grace and adore of country.

If the GOP wants to be on the right side of history, they will stretch themselves from Trump immediately and starting putting country forward of party.

If the party wants to tumble off the abyss and be incompetent to tell future generations of Americans that they did the right thing when it mattered, then they’ll put on a blindfold and step off a precipice with Sean Hannity.

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GOPer Ben Sasse Throws Flames At Sean Hannity: ‘Some Of Us Still Believe In The Constitution’ combined by Sean Colarossi on Thu, Oct 12th, 2017
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