Gun Violence Victim Steve Scalise Says It’s Too ‘Early’ To Talk About Banning Bump Stocks

Even as leaders in both major parties call for a anathema on strike batch inclination in the arise of the Las Vegas shooting, Republican Congressman Steve Scalise – himself a new victim of gun assault – says it’s “a little bit early” to consider the move.

In an talk with Chuck Todd, Scalise accused gun reserve advocates of wanting to “limit the rights of gun owners.”


Scalise, who spent partial of the talk in crutches as he continues to redeem from being shot back in June, pronounced this:

If you talked to anybody about a week ago, many people, including myself, didn’t even know what a strike batch was. So now we’re anticipating out about it. Again, there are people who wish to rush to judgment. They’ve got a check created already. Look, Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi already pronounced she wants it to be a sleazy slope. She doesn’t wish to stop at strike stocks. They wish to go out and extent the rights of gun owners. So we do consider it’s a little bit early for people to contend they know what to do to fix this problem. we know there are people that are asking to ATF to go back and examination their 2010 decision to sanction it and I think they should and they are.

It’s overwhelming that anybody would be against tying a device that radically transforms a firearm into an involuntary weapon, but it’s dumbfounding that Scalise, who almost died in a shooting, is wavering to support it.

Even the National Rifle Association – an classification that fought tirelessly to stop any magnitude to quell gun assault – voiced their support of controlling the device.

At the finish of the day, despite the hostility of Scalise to anathema a device that helped the Vegas shooter reap down hundreds of concertgoers, legislation to demarcate strike bonds will substantially have adequate support to get by Congress.

But the American people shouldn’t be fooled into meditative that’s adequate – that’s what the NRA and GOP wish you to think. It’s not enough.

Taking divided this dangerous appendage is a no-brainer, but much, much some-more needs to be finished – and we shouldn’t stop pulling the members of Congress until they do it.

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