Leon Panetta: "Unusual" confidence clearway issues in Trump White House

Leon Panetta, former secretary of invulnerability and CIA executive during the Obama administration, says in the fallout over White House staff secretary Rob Porter’s resignation, the issue of proper confidence clearances lacking for many West Wing aides is a “real problem” that is formulating “risks” for the Trump White House.

“It’s surprising this distant into a new administration — it’s over a year this administration has been in office, and routinely since of the priority of getting confidence clearances to those that have to be concerned with top secret and rarely personal information, it customarily is a priority that’s focused on,” Panetta told “CBS This Morning” on Thursday when deliberating the issue of halt confidence clearances. 

He added, “The fact there are still a series of people that don’t have full confidence clearway is a genuine problem and hopefully it will be dealt with, but it creates a risk since people are going to see rarely personal information coming opposite their desk. It creates a risk they could see that.”

Porter was still operative under an halt confidence clearway while the FBI conducted a extensive credentials review and reported its commentary to the White House. He quiescent last week after allegations of domestic abuse came to light.

Much of the courtesy has focused on Chief of Staff John Kelly as the top person who would have been wakeful that Porter faced allegations of abusing his two former wives

“Somebody’s dropping the ball, that’s for sure,” Panetta said. “These investigations should’ve been finished and John Kelly is a sea general, he understands the significance of getting these clearances done. we can’t trust that some-more vigour has not been brought on those concerned to finish this and try to get everybody privileged so they can get on with the business of the country.”

Kelly has been at the core of the response to the Porter controversy, which the White House concedes has been mishandled. CBS News schooled that Kelly told the boss he would be peaceful to contention his abdication if the boss suspicion was a good thought in response to the clumsy of Porter’s departure. A comparison White House central says that at slightest for now, abdication is unlikely.

Panetta, who was also held the pursuit of arch of staff to President Bill Clinton, says, “I consider if you’re looking for where to place blame, we consider everybody bears some responsibility.”

Panetta suggested that Kelly has to be clever about “what he says and how he says it,” adding that the “most critical thing is arch of staff should not turn the headline.”

He pronounced that while Kelly is “not a politician” he should learn to “stay in the credentials and commend where the landmines are in terms of open policy and press policy.”  

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