Republicans Want to Stop Minorities from Voting — and They’re Running out of Options

My co-worker Peter Daou done an glorious evidence that Donald Trump can take or leave the presidency…his genuine endgame is to mainstream white nationalism. It’s an intriguing probability and it goes a prolonged way to explaining because Trump is polling at literally 0 percent with Black electorate in pivotal states, and because there has been a swell in minority electorate induction as Democrats. And it positively creates clarity of his continued, unfortunate efforts to repudiate minority electorate the franchise.

Donald Trump is now doubling down on a explain he done a week ago that the election competence be “rigged,” and is now holding it one step further: He is asking people to proffer to be “Trump Election Observers” who would mount ensure at polling places and make certain Hillary supporters don’t “cheat.” He’s even put up a page on his website propelling his supporters to take action:


The thought isn’t new. “Election observers” have actually been used for years by worried politicians. Under the guise of safeguarding the firmness of the polls, Republicans have sent vigilantes into Black and Latinx neighborhoods to dominate minority electorate and reduce turnout.

Back in 1981, the New Jersey Republican Party sent people job themselves the “National Ballot Security Task Force” to breathe down the necks of electorate in minority neighborhoods — which may have enabled Republican Tom Kean to cheep to a 2,000-vote feat in the intensely close governor’s race.

This use is illegal — in fact, just after Kean’s victory, the Republican National Committee was placed under a sovereign justice sequence ominous them from enchanting in “ballot security” activities.

Trump may good be violating the Third Circuit’s agree direct — which is still in force — but vigilante check watchers may be the only tactic he and the Republican Party have left to conceal minority votes.

Just last month, a sovereign justice struck down North Carolina’s GOP-sponsored voting restrictions, observant that the law targeted Black electorate “with almost surgical precision.” A identical statute in Texas forced the state to water down its discriminatory voter ID requirements, permitting electorate to use registration cards and other forms of ID that Black and Latinx people are equally likely to possess.

As the courts strengthen check access, Trump’s trail to joyless minority voter audience is getting increasingly narrow. America is wising up to Republican attempts to spin back the time on voting rights, and they are observant no.

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[Updated 8/31/16]

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