Trump trashes Clinton’s ‘What Happened’ book on its recover day

The unavoidable Trump twitter happened.

President Trump on Tuesday seemed to dump his 140-character vessel of Hillary Clinton’s campaign discourse “What Happened,” which hit shelves Tuesday packaged with attacks on his campaign and administration.

“Fascinating to watch people essay books and major articles about me and nonetheless they know 0 about me have 0 access. #FAKE NEWS!” Trump wrote.

Trump has not categorically commented on Clinton’s book, but the twitter seems to be transparent attack on the book that has been hidden headlines for the past week.

It could have also been referring to “Unbelievable,” a discourse from NBC News anchor Katy Tur about her campaign coverage, which also came out Tuesday. Tur clashed with Trump several times on the campaign route and he singled her out by name in his complaints about news coverage. 

Clinton’s book spends 500 pages dissecting the many factors she blames for her detriment — and she saves many of her fiercest difference for the man who degraded her.

In one passage, Clinton likens Trump’s presidency to a brew of an Orwellian dystopia and a second Soviet Union.

“Attempting to conclude reality is a core underline of authoritarianism,” Clinton writes.

“This is what the Soviets did when they erased domestic dissidents from chronological photos. This is what happens in George Orwell’s classical novel Nineteen Eighty-Four…For Trump, as with so much he does, it’s about elementary dominance.”

She takes a shot at Trump’s “war on truth” and says there’s 0 some of his supporters won’t swallow.

“If he stood up tomorrow and announced that the Earth is flat, his advisor Kellyanne Conway competence just go on Fox News and urge it as an ‘alternative fact,’ and too many people would trust it,” she says.

Throughout the book, Clinton torches Trump as “hateful,” a “flagrantly sexist,” a “clear and benefaction risk to the country and the world” and a “fraud” who ran a “reality TV show” campaign.

She calls him woefully confused for the pursuit and mocks his unconstrained distractions in the Oval Office.

“I infrequently wonder: If you supplement together his time spent on golf, Twitter and wire news, what’s left?” Clinton asks.

Clinton also unleashes attacks on Bernie Sanders, James Comey, Vladimir Putin and The New York Times, among many others, for the role she says they played in her unexpected defeat.

She admits to being blindsided by Trump’s dissapoint and not even having a benefaction debate prepared for Election Day.

The recover of Clinton’s book has been a major media event, with passages leaking online in the days heading to its debut.

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