Russia Labels Radio Free Europe, Voice of America, as ‘Foreign Agents’

After weeks of warnings to that effect, Russia has rigourously labeled two US state-run media outlets, Radio Free Europe and Voice of America, as “foreign agents,” fixation them under estimable new mandate for stating on their operations within Russian territory.

The pierce is plea for the US Justice Department having placed Russia’s RT network under the accurate same turn of restrictions in September. The pierce came at the insistence of Congressional Democrats who claimed RT was a “propaganda” network.

The US compulsory the registration under the Foreign Agent Registration Act, which historically has not been used against journalists. Russia’s council had to pass a code new law to counterpart this for the consequence of retaliation.

It was always insincere the registration would hit Radio Free Europe and Voice of America, whose authorised structures are probably matching to RT’s as quasi-independent but state-financed media outlets.

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