Barclays axes free Kaspersky product as a ‘precaution’

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Barclays has stopped charity free Kaspersky anti-virus products to new business following an central warning about Russian confidence software.

The bank emailed 290,000 online banking business on Saturday to contend the pierce was a “precautionary decision”.

UK cyber-security chiefs are warning supervision departments not to use program from Russian companies for systems relating to inhabitant security.

Barclays pronounced it treated the confidence of its business “very seriously”.

A orator for Kaspersky pronounced it was “disappointed” that Barclays had dropped its offer to new customers.

The National Cyber Security Centre – the UK’s management on cyber confidence and partial of GCHQ – is essay to all supervision departments revelation them Russian confidence program could be exploited by the Kremlin.

But officials stressed they were not observant members of the open or companies should stop using Kaspersky products, which are used by about 400 million people globally.

Barclays told business it would no longer offer free Kaspersky program “following the information that’s been shared in the news” – but suggested people with the program already commissioned that they did not need to take any action.

It wrote: “The UK supervision has been advised… to mislay any Russian products from all rarely supportive systems personal as secret or above.

“We’ve done the precautionary decision to no longer offer Kaspersky program to new users.

“However, there’s zero to advise that business need to stop using Kaspersky.”

It went on: “At this theatre there is no movement for you to take. It’s critical that you continue to strengthen yourself with anti-virus software.”

‘Ripping out’

The 290,000 people who perceived emails from Barclays are all online banking customers, who had downloaded Kaspersky in the past decade as partial of a 12-month free hearing offering by the bank.

Many of these customers, who could embody people employed by the government, could have finished their subscription once the free hearing ended.

Ian Levy, the NCSC’s technical director, pronounced there was no justification the superintendence to supervision departments should request to the wider public.

“For example, we really don’t wish people doing things like ripping out Kaspersky program at vast as it creates little sense,” he said.

A orator for Barclays said: “Even yet this new superintendence isn’t destined at members of the public, we have taken the decision to repel the offer of Kaspersky program from the patron website.”

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