Can’t form "i" on your iPhone? How to fix autocorrect bug

An harmless nonetheless very irritating bug is inspiring some users who have updated to iOS 11.1, which landed last week with hundreds of new emojis in tow. It happens when typing the minute “i.” Instead of auto-correcting to a capital, it’s instead transposed with the minute “A” and a unicode symbol.

This bug is determined via several opposite apps but, oddly, not everybody using iOS 11.1 is affected. For those who are, Apple has provided a proxy workaround until a program patch can be issued.

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The workaround creates use of the Text Replacement underline built into iOS. You need to create a content deputy that automatically changes a sole lowercase “i” to a capital, effectively major the bug.

To create a new content replacement, go to Settings General Keyboard Text Replacement. Next, click on the and sign in the top right corner. Beside Phrase, form “I,” and beside Shortcut, form “i.” Tap Save in the top right.


Use the iPhone’s Text Replacement duty to scold the “i” bug.

Now when you form “i” and hit space, it should automatically scold itself to “I.”

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