I ate Jeff Bezos’ fabulous ‘breakfast octopus’ — and we now feel like we have a better bargain of the iconic Amazon CEO

Lolaoutside2 4x3REUTERS/Kim White; Harrison Jacobs/Business Insider

  • Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos once told the founder of daily deals site Woot over breakfast that he had acquired the company since it was like the “breakfast octopus” he was eating — something he “didn’t understand.”
  • The grill where they ate is Lola, a famous upscale eatery in Seattle nearby Amazon’s offices.
  • I visited Lola to try the dish. It left me assured Bezos’ “breakfast octopus” analogy was not an brusque remark, but something that he had deliberately planned.


Amazon CEO and founder Jeff Bezos, now the richest man in the world, is developed for dissection.

In unconstrained repository profiles, journal articles, blog posts, and books, every part of the puzzling Amazon CEO’s life is analyzed. Through them, a mural of Bezos has emerged: intense, intimidating, curious, relentlessly competitive, and with a satirical clarity of humor. 

But only one of the hundreds of anecdotes I’ve review about him captures my imagination. That of the “breakfast octopus.”

In a 2014 Dallas’ D Magazine profile of Matt Rutledge, who sold his daily-deals e-commerce company, Woot, to Amazon for $110 million in 2010, Rutledge shared the story of his first assembly with Bezos after the deal.

During the breakfast meeting, Rutledge asked Bezos because he bought the company. Bezos famously looked down at his image and said, “You’re the octopus that I’m having for breakfast … When we demeanour at the menu, you’re the thing we don’t understand, the thing I’ve never had. we must have the breakfast octopus.”

On a new outing to Seattle, we done a event to Seattle grill Lola to see what the “breakfast octopus” was all about.

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