The Dreadful Enormity of Southern California’s Wildfires

A spell of dry weather and the absolute Santa Ana winds have total with harmful consequences in Southern California, one of the many populous regions in the country. Right now, 4 apart wildfires—the Thomas fire, Rye fire, Creek fire and Skirball fire—are raging. The fires, fueled by breeze gusts of up to 80 miles per hour, have broken hundreds of homes and businesses, forced the closure of the 101 freeway, and hundreds of schools are sealed as a sweeping of smoke envelopes the region.

NASA, with eyes in the sky, has expelled a collection of photos to guard the blazes and yield indispensable viewpoint on this ongoing emergency—some 1,700 firefighters are risking their lives to enclose the fires.

To the left, taken Dec. 5, the Multi Spectral Imager on the European Space Agency’s Sentinel-2 satellite collected information to build a false-color picture of the bake injure in Ventura County. Active fires are in orange, while the bake injure is in brown. Developed areas seem as gray, while unburned foliage appears green.

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