WTF? “Black Sky” cavalcade went live just two days before Hurricane Harvey done landfall

(INTELLIHUB) — Hurricane Harvey done landfall in Texas on Aug 25 just two days after the Electric Infrastructure Security Council (EIS) held its annual EARTH EX cavalcade which focused on a “Black Sky” event.

According to novel found on the EIS Council’s central website, ‘severe antagonistic or healthy “Black Sky” hazards’ poise a risk to vicious infrastructure and on a “sub-continent scale” which may lead to cascading long-term “power outages” so formulating “a grave and formidable dilemma” since of the fact that the “restoration of any zone will only be probable with at slightest minimal operation of all the others.”

Ladies and gentlemen, this is accurately what we saw with both Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma after hundreds of thousands of residents were left but energy for extended durations of time.

In fact, in Florida, Irma’s complicated wind, and flooding were so bad that 11 people died in a nursing home as they patiently waited for waited for workers to revive power.

“To understanding with this deadlock, clever zone by zone and cross-sector resilience formulation is crucial. However, such plans, to be effective, must be exercised. With the farrago and the inhabitant and global scale of the infrastructures we now count on, this requires an unprecedented, multi-sector, inhabitant and general practice series,” the CIS Council confirms.

So what is EARTH EX?

According to the EIS Council, “EARTH EX is an evolving, distributed, collaborative partner-developed practice designed to meet this need. Hosted by EIS Council as partial of the EPRO® Resource Family, these annual multi-sector, general exercises are being grown to weigh and urge replacement support, preparedness, response and liberation plans for serious hazards. As the series continues, it will yield augmenting opportunities to raise concurrent formulation opposite all infrastructure sectors, and their corporate, supervision and NGO partners.”

Additionally, the NIS Council’s central website lists the 4 areas of concentration for their Aug. 23, 2017, cavalcade as follows:

  • Executive and comparison operational decision-making
  • Initiating and coordinating initial zone response and replacement actions
  • Multi-sector emergency communication and coordination
  • Developing zone recommendations for Improved replacement support and resilience

What is a “Black Sky” hazard?

A “Black Sky” jeopardy has been distant by the NIS Council into two intensity categories: “natural,” and “manmade.”

The legislature suggests that “manmade hazards” embody EMP’s, such as a high-altitude captivating pulse, conscious electromagnetic interference, cyberterrorism, or a concurrent earthy assault. All of which are viable potentials for certain but the “natural hazards” listed by the legislature are what have my mind spinning.

A major seismic event, a geomagnetic reeling — approbation such healthy disasters are probable and can start — but what stands out to me is the fact that the NIS Council lists “hurricanes and other serious weather events” on their list of “natural disasters” and may utterly presumably have drilled for such a unfolding as Hurricane Harvey approached, done landfall, in Texas.

Remember, Harvey done landfall just two days after EARTH EX was scheduled to take place! Is this a coincidence? It has already been speculated that hurricane Harvey was engineered and was directed into Houston as a weather weapon!

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