Trump Vows Major Expansion of US Nuclear Arsenal

Talking up his new bill priorities, President Trump has told reporters that the US intends to control a large enlargement of its nuclear weapons arsenal, with an eye toward building a series “far, distant in additional of anybody else.”

The US already has the strongest nuclear arsenal on the planet, a fact President Trump has mostly ignored in prior comments about wanting to boost spending. Numerically their warheads are roughly in line with Russia’s, and possibly of those two has distant some-more nuclear arms than the whole rest of the world.

President Trump insisted the US would stop building nukes if everybody else stopped, but insisted that given “others are doing it,” the US needs “a nuclear force that will be positively modernized and brand-new.”

Estimates on what nuclear modernization would cost were already in the trillions of dollars, and that was not including President Trump’s goal to make the arsenal much bigger than it already is, which will certainly supplement to the responsibility of the already stiff arsenal.

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