Alleged host boss, his co-defendant barred from hit at wedding

Love will keep a Florida bride and husband together — and a sovereign judge will keep two of their marriage guest apart.

Reputed Philadelphia Mafia boss Joseph (Skinny Joey) Merlino and his racketeering co-defendant Anthony Cirillo were authorized to attend the Sunday commitment in Florida — just not at the same time.

Mobster Merlino is station as best man for husband Michael Caudo, and leaving the eventuality once the couple declares “I do.” Cirillo was systematic to skip the marriage and seem only at the successive reception.

Both were admonished to do so but deliberating the bridesmaids’ dresses, the choice of entrees or any other topic.

“Defendant Merlino shall attend only the marriage rite on (Sunday) and not the reception,” wrote Manhattan Federal Court Judge Richard Sullivan in his Thursday ruling.

“Defendants Merlino and Cirillo shall not pronounce to any other or differently promulgate with any other.”

Merlino also perceived the go-ahead to attend Saturday night’s operation cooking when Sullivan extended his court-imposed curfew by 3 hours to 10 p.m. Merlino — now out on $5 million bond after his Aug 2016 detain as partial of a large host crackdown — is typically cramped to his home between 7 p.m. and 7 a.m.

Sullivan concluded to let Merlino attend the Saturday cooking at the Boca Raton Resort Club. The eventuality starts at 6:30 p.m., making Merlino a likely no-show if the curfew was enforced.


Merlino is station as best man for husband Michael Caudo.


The Sunday marriage posed a opposite problem.

Under the terms of their recover tentative trial, the 55-year-old Merlino and purported Gambino family associate Cirillo, 51, of Englewood Cliffs, N.J., are barred from contact.

Merlino’s counsel Edward Jacobs first due the Solomonic solution of slicing the marriage in half.

“Mr. Merlino will attend the marriage rite ONLY, which is scheduled to start at 9:30 a.m.,” suggested Jacobs in a minute to the judge. “Mr. Merlino will then leave immediately following the marriage rite in sequence to concede Mr. Cirillo to attend the remaining reception/luncheon.”

Sullivan showed some adore to both defendants and sealed off on the deal, with his “no contact” caveat.

Merlino, a convicted felon, was arrested in Florida last Aug for conspiring with members of the city’s Genovese, Gambino, Lucchese and Bonanno families in a wide-ranging racketeering operation.

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