Authorities: Gunman who killed 5 in Northern Calif. died by suicide

RANCHO TEHAMA RESERVE, Calif. — Authorities now contend a gunman who killed 5 people in farming Northern California didn’t die from a police bullet but by his own gun.

In a final report Friday, the Tehama County Sheriff’s Department pronounced an autopsy dynamic 44-year-old Kevin Neal shot himself in the conduct in his automobile after police forced it off a road.

Police pronounced Neal killed his wife Nov. 13 and went on a sharpened uproar in Rancho Tehama Reserve the next day that enclosed banishment at an facile school. He killed 4 others, including two neighbors, and bleeding eight people including a 6-year-old boy.

Sarah Gonzales had just forsaken off her daughter when the gunman blocked her car. “He flattering much stopped me and shot at me 3 times by his windshield,” Gonzales told CBS News match Jamie Yuccas.

Authorities pronounced neighbors had regularly complained about Neal banishment hundreds of rounds from his residence and enchanting in other erratic, aroused behavior. Relatives contend he suffered from delusions and mental problems.

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