College football announcer Keith Jackson dies at 89

Famed college football announcer Keith Jackson has died, his former employer ESPN reliable to CBS News Saturday. He was 89.

Jackson was famous for his famous locate phrases such as “Woah Nellie” and is credited with nicknaming the Rose Bowl the “Granddaddy of Them All” and fixing Michigan University’s track the “Big House.”

CBS Sports’ Tom Fornelli writes that Jackson’s promote career began at Washington State in 1952 when he called a diversion between Washington State and Stanford, but it was just the first of many stops for Jackson. During his expanded career, Jackson also called the Olympics, NFL, MLB, NBA, PGA Tour golf, boxing, racing and college basketball. He was the first play-by-play man of Monday Night Football.

Jackson incited the word “fumble” into an eventuality during games, stressing the second syllable to make it sound like he was observant “fum-BULL.” Another renouned word was “Hold the phone!” following a chastisement dwindle during a play with Jackson holding on to the “n” in phone for a while.

Jackson retired from his duties in the counter following the 2005 season. His final diversion was the classical 2006 Rose Bowl between Texas and USC in which Vince Young scored on fourth-and-5 in the final seconds nearby the idea line to win a inhabitant pretension for the Longhorns.

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