Cop pleads guilty to using sex fondle on women during traffic stop

A suburban Cleveland police officer accused of using a sex fondle on two women during an illegal traffic stop has pleaded guilty to charges including sum passionate imposition.

East Cleveland Officer Kenneth Bolton Jr., of Middlefield, also pleaded guilty to misconduct interfering with polite rights in a defence understanding that led prosecutors to dump a abduction charge, reported.

Bolton illegally pulled over two women, aged 22 and 23, in Feb and used a sex fondle he found in the back chair to massage their genitals over their wardrobe while they were seated in the vehicle, prosecutors said.

Bolton listened about another officer citing the two women over police radio about 30 mins after he speckled their automobile and pulled them over, reported.

Bolton was fired two weeks after after an inner investigation.

The 16-year maestro on the police force must register as a sex delinquent and will no longer be allowed to work as a police officer.

Sentencing is scheduled for Oct. 16.

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