Escaped Georgia inmates captured: officials

Two transient Georgia inmates have been captured, according to a twitter from Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. The twin were held at gunpoint by a farming Tennessee homeowner after they were trying to steal his vehicle, according to authorities.

Donnie Rowe, 43, and Ricky Dubose, 24, had been on the run given Tuesday after killing two guards on a jail train in Georgia.

Gov. Deal’s twitter read that the fugitives are “in control following automobile chase” in Tennessee.

It was believed that Dubose and Rowe tied up an aged couple in Shelbyville and held them at gunpoint, according to CBS associate WGCL-TV. The suspects then stole their automobile and gathering on Interstate 24 where they shot at sheriff’s deputies who chased them, according to the Tennessee Highway Patrol.

After crashing the car, the two men fled on foot and came on a home after using by the woods. The suspects were held at gunpoint after a homeowner saw them trying to steal his car. A neighbor stepped in to help while authorities arrived on scene.


This photo shows the detain of the two Georgia fugitives Donnie Rowe, top, and Ricky Dubose, bottom, in Christiana, Tenn., on Thu., Jun 15, 2017. The transient inmates sought in the killings of two guards on a Georgia jail train were prisoner Thursday in Tennessee after holding an aged couple serf and heading police on a follow by automobile and foot, authorities said.

The span were prisoner in farming village of Christiana, Tennessee, according to Georgia Bureau of Investigation mouthpiece Nelly Miles. That finished a large manhunt which spanned mixed states.

The Associated Press reports the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation will take partial in estimate the scene.

Gov. Deal expelled a matter late Thursday praising those concerned in capturing the men and wrote that the open is safe.

“Rest assured, probity will be served. My frank interjection to the local, state and sovereign law coercion officers who assisted in the manhunt,” Deal wrote.

Georgia Department of Corrections Commissioner Greg Dozier also expelled a statement.

“We are relieved to know that these two dangerous people have been taken off the streets, and the open is out of harm’s way,” pronounced Commissioner Dozier. “They will be brought to probity quickly for their iniquitous crime against the Officers.”

Rowe and Dubose are being held in the Rutherford County jail, the AP reports.

The inmates were being ecstatic in a train Tuesday morning when they allegedly captivated two corrections officers on board, hidden their firearms and carjacking a immature Honda Civic.

The occurrence set off a manhunt involving local, state and sovereign officers, Putnam County Sheriff Howard Sills said.

Sills was romantic as he described the scene.

“I saw two brutally murdered corrections officers, that’s what we saw,” he said. “I have their blood on my shoes.”

Donnie Russell Rowe, portion life but parole, and Ricky Dubose, who has distinguished tattoos on his face and neck, overpowered, disarmed and killed Sgt. Christopher Monica and Sgt. Curtis Billue and then carjacked a motorist who happened to lift up behind the train on a farming highway, Sills said.


Sgt. Curtis Billue seen in an undated photo supposing by his family. The 58 year old was killed on Tue., Jun 13, 2016. He’s survived by his father, 5 sisters, two brothers and two sons.

“The pain endured by the families and desired ones of Sgt. Christopher Monica and Sgt. Curtis Billue endures,” Gov. Deal mentioned in his matter Thursday night. “We will do all in the energy to support their desired ones, and we will not forget their scapegoat and service.”

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation increased prerogative money on Wednesday for information heading to their capture.

Sills had described the fugitives this week as “dangerous over description.”

Monica and Billue were both send sergeants at Baldwin State Prison, according to The Associated Press. Monica had been with the Georgia Department of Corrections given Oct 2009 and Billue given Jul 2007.

How the two inmates managed to strech and repress the guards stays under investigation, Sills said.

“They were inside the caged area of the bus,” he said. “How they got by the locks and things up to that area we do not know.”

Protocol is to have two armed corrections officers on the bus, but the officers don’t wear bullet-proof vests during transfers, Dozier said.

“We lost two of the associate officers, two of the kin. We see the officers as the family,” he said.

Monica was 42 and leaves behind a wife, Dozier said. Billue was 58 and is survived by his father, 5 sisters, two brothers and two sons, pronounced Jim Green, an profession who’s speaking for the Billue family.


Escaped prisoners Donnie Russell Rowe (left) and Ricky Dubose, right, were two of 33 inmates being ecstatic in a train Tuesday morning when they captivated two corrections officers on board, hidden their firearms and carjacking a immature Honda Civic.

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