Father of blank boy, 5, arrested after giving police "convoluted and contradictory" comments

LOS ANGELES — The father of a blank 5-year-old child was arrested as the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department pronounced they would be charity additional resources in the search, police pronounced Sunday.

Aramazd Andressian, Jr. was last seen by his mom around Skype last Tuesday, CBS Los Angeles reports. His mom reported him blank on Saturday.  His relatives are in the routine of a divorce.

The child was visiting with his father last week and was scheduled to be returned to his mother. When that didn’t occur, she called police.

The mom was described by police Sunday as understandably “distraught.”

In a apart incident, Aramazd’s father – Aramazd Andressian, Sr. – was found by a passerby at Arroyo Park in South Pasadena allegedly upheld out by his vehicle.

He was taken to the hospital. By the time he came to, police pronounced he had no memory of his son’s locale at that time.

Police prove that Andressian Sr. was not stirring with information. He was subsequently arrested on guess of child endangerment and child abduction.

“The father was communicative. He was not very stirring with information, was not very specific on his timeline, where he was with the child, where he was when the child was lost. He doesn’t really have a full memory of actually being with the boy,” pronounced Chief Art Miller of the South Pasadena Police Department.

Miller says Andressian’s statements have been “convoluted and contradictory.”

Miller says that a judge set Andressian’s bail to $10 million.

Aramazd is 4-feet-tall and weights about 55 pounds. He has brownish-red hair and brownish-red eyes. He was last seen wearing a bluish plaid shirt and plaid shorts.

Anyone with information about Aramazd’s locale is urged to call South Pasadena police at (626) 403-7297.

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