Ga. man beaten to death just days after winning $17K in lottery

A Georgia man who recently won $17,000 in the lottery was beaten to death just days later, authorities say.

Charles Barrett, 59, upheld divided on Wednesday at Northside Hospital in Cumming, 4 days after the brutal attack.

“Initially, we suspicion he was hit by car, but other than the contusions and abrasions on his face, it didn’t demeanour as bad as he competence if he was hit by a car, yet no one was around to declare anything,” off-duty paramedic Chris Gudaitis, who tried to help Barrett, told the Forsyth County News.

Gudaitis was in the backseat of a automobile returning from a marriage when the motorist beheld Barrett “lying face down in the street,” he told the newspaper.

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“The [men] helped hurl him over at that point, and we checked and he was not respirating and did not have a pulse, so we started doing [chest] compressions, substantially within 30 seconds of getting there,” Gudaitis told the paper. “I was substantially doing them for about 5 mins until the [police] arrived and they kind of let me do my thing until EMS arrived.”

Barrett won the $17,000 on a scratch-off sheet approximately one week before he upheld away, according to Channel 2 Action News.

His bank cards were stolen and used as recently as Monday, two days before he was taken off life support, according to the Forsyth County News.

“It’s a comfortless story with a comfortless outcome, but it creates me feel [better] meaningful we could help give [Barrett’s] family a way to contend goodbye and not leave him passed on the side of the road,” Gudaitis told the Forsyth County News.

“I [helped] since we just feel like it’s the human thing to do. If someone’s in trouble and someone needs help, anyone should stop and help, no matter what they do for a career.”

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