Handcuffed teacher in Louisiana says school house conduct should resign

ABBEVILLE, La. — Waving signs heralding free debate and chanting “Stand by Deyshia,” about 100 people collected in a light rain Thursday to convene to support Deyshia Hargrave — the Louisiana teacher ejected from a school house assembly and roughly handcuffed in a video-recorded detain after she questioned her superintendent’s compensate raise.

Hargrave, nearby tears at times, thanked supporters who stood by her after the detain and emphasized the need to pronounce out on critical issues.

“I wish and urge my knowledge will commission you — my students, immature women everywhere — to know that you have a voice,” Hargrave told the crowd. “Use it. Many, many women suffered tremendously and sacrificed severely for us to have this voice. … And this is for the boys, too. You matter.”

  • Superintendent challenged over compensate lift says he “should have stood up” for teacher

She was corroborated by associate teachers wearing black T-shirts that read: “#standbydeyshia.” Signs held by members of the throng enclosed one reading, “We will not be silenced.”

Deyshia Hargrave

Deyshia Hargrave speaks during an talk with the Associated Press in Abbeville, La., on Thu., Jan. 11, 2018.

Earlier, Hargrave told The Associated Press she believes Vermilion Parish School Board President Anthony Fontana should resign. She declined to advise any fortify for Reggie Hilts, the emissary city organise who handcuffed her on the corridor building after she left the assembly and marched her out of the building.

“He needs training,” the center school English teacher said. “Whether he needs to remove his job, we don’t know.”

She declined, at first, to contend with certainty either she would file a lawsuit in the matter. “We’ll see how it goes,” she pronounced when asked again. “But we clearly feel my First Amendment rights were violated, and we feel like, yeah, there will be a lawsuit filed for that.”

The American Civil Liberties Union and her teachers kinship are questioning the case.

Meanwhile, the Abbeville City Marshal has called for an eccentric review associated to the incident, according to a press recover obtained by CBS News’ David Begnaud.

“Abbeville City Marshal Jeremiah Bolden has called for a third-party review of the new occurrence that transpired during a [school board] meeting,” the request read. “The Abbeville City Marshal bureau will have no serve criticism until the eccentric review is complete.”

The misunderstanding followed the board’s 5-3 opinion Monday night commendatory a new three-year agreement lifting Vermilion Schools Superintendent Jerome Puyau’s income by roughly $30,000, to about $140,000 annually, with inducement targets that could supplement 3 percent a year.

Video of the assembly shows that Hargrave addressed the superintendent directly after lifting her palm to pronounce and being recognized.

CBS associate KATC-TV prisoner the moment on camera.


Teacher Deyshia Hargrave being private in shackles from a school house assembly in Vermillion, Louisiana.

She questioned Puyau’s raise, given that teachers haven’t perceived an boost in 10 years, despite flourishing category sizes and other demands.

Fontana then announced that her criticism wasn’t “germane” to the opinion on the contract, and banged his gavel in an try to overpower her. According to school house member Kibbie Pillette, Fontana then beckoned off-camera to the officer, who interrupted Hargrave while she was speaking and systematic her out.

“I’m going,” she said, making her way out. The officer followed her into the hallway, where moments later, a camera available her on the building with her hands behind her back, being handcuffed and angry that the officer had pushed her down.

Asked by the AP on Thursday who’s directly to censure for the incident, Hargrave pronounced “Anthony Fontana.”

Fontana has not returned calls for an talk with the AP, but has shielded his actions and that of the officer.

An romantic Puyau told CBS News’ David Begnaud there are things he wishes he did differently at Monday night’s house meeting. He vows the district will learn from this incident, but says the recoil has taken a fee on him and his family.

“I hated what happened,” Puyau said.

The superintendent pronounced he and his staff have been receiving threats ever given Hargrave’s arrest.

“Twenty-eight years of my life is dedicated to the students of this village it’s so tough to see this negative. It’s tough,” he said.

Hilts was accused along with another officer of slamming an bum 62-year-old man’s conduct onto a petrify chunk in 2011. He left the city of Scott’s police force after that year, for separate reasons the police arch said. Scott denied using extreme force, and the man’s sovereign fit was staid in 2016.

Now a internal priest and a apparatus officer at J.H. Williams Middle School in Vermilion Parish, Hilts hasn’t oral publicly about Hargrave’s arrest.

“He’s a very good guy, he’s a pastor, important citizen here, and is well-respected in the community,” Puyau told the AP. “Students and teachers adore him.”

A teacher who attended Thursday’s convene agreed.

Alicia LaSalle is a second-year teacher at the school where Hilts works as a apparatus officer. LaSalle pronounced Hilts is on palm to stop altercations or other problems among students in. She adds that Hilts has a good attribute with students and teachers. “Honestly, he is very good favourite at the school,” she said.

“I determine she should not have been arrested,” LaSalle said. “Personally, we don’t consider he would have arrested her if it was up to him.”

Puyau wouldn’t criticism on who systematic the teacher’s removal, but pronounced he’s not happy with how things played out.

“It was not good in any way,” he said. “We are a good community. It took everybody by surprise. I’m having a tough time with this, but we caring about the teachers and the support staff.”

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