Hurricane Irma "is make-up one heck of a punch"

Florida is bracing for Hurricane Irma, which is approaching to spin north in the Atlantic and tub directly toward the state starting Saturday. South Florida is under a hurricane warning, and 1.4 million people live in Florida’s imperative depletion areas.

Gov. Rick Scott, who has systematic all Florida open schools statewide to close so the buildings can be used as shelters, urged Floridians: “Don’t be complacent.”

“We’re not certain accurately where this is going to go. Listen to the depletion orders. Think about your life, consider about your family’s life. But 5 to 10 feet of charge swell in the southern partial of the state – consider about that. That’s going to cover homes. We’re not a high state. We don’t have plateau in the state,” Scott pronounced Friday on “CBS This Morning.”

Scott pronounced Irma will be incomparable than Hurricane Andrew, which intended tools of the Miami area in 1992.

“If you’re close to the coast, the charge swell can be devastating. We didn’t have that in Andrew. It’s totally opposite than Andrew,” Scott said. “We’re going to have terrible winds but it’s going to be charge swell that really worries me.”

In Miami Beach’s largest depletion given Hurricane Wilma in 2005, some-more than 90,000 residents of the city have been systematic to leave. Mayor Philip Levine says the city is “trying everything” to make that occur and is propelling residents to get to a shelter.

“I make a special interest to the residents or any visitors that occur to be here: get out of Miami Beach. We don’t need heroes. We’re all about safety. Your safety,” Levine pronounced on “CBS This Morning.” “Leave Miami Beach. This is a small, low-lying separator island. This hurricane is of a magnitude, of strength of historical proportions.”

He and first responders are identifying homeless, special needs and aged populations to help them evacuate.  

“We’ve met with the several buildings that residence a lot of the elderly. We’ve done certain we could get them and bring them over to shelters and assisted every way we probable could. I’ve left out. we know the aged race here very, very well. And so we have done certain that we could aggressively pull them and pierce them out of Miami Beach,” Levine said.  

While the city has commissioned portable pumps and generators, Levine pronounced they won’t be means to hoop what Irma has in store.

“I tell people the pumps we put in and all the generators, they’re for sea turn arise which we knowledge here of march with a assuage rain. They are no compare for a hurricane, let alone Hurricane Irma, which is make-up one heck of a punch,” Levine said.

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