Jimmy John’s worker never ‘felt threatened’ by Mo. gunman

A intrepid Jimmy John’s worker in Missouri shrugged off a contemptuous gun-wielding pirate as an amateur, according to a report on Saturday.

Tuker Murray came face-to-face with the tub of a gun during a Wednesday heist and done headlines after notice footage showed the 24-year-old partner manager doing the sandwich shop spoliation with the pinnacle cool.

“I never really felt threatened,” Murray told KCTV-TV.

“It feels like it’s something foolish to contend when there’s a gun forked to your head. we never really got the feeling like he was going to do anything.”

Surveillance footage shows purported gun-toting pirate Terry Rayford, 54, indicating the pistol at Murray’s face after sanctimonious to sequence a sandwich.

Murray, but flinching, private his gloves and handed the think a clod of cash. 


Suspected pirate Terry Rayford forked a gun at Jimmy John’s worker during a Kansas City, Mo., holdup. 


The Kansas City Star reports Rayford was prisoner on Thursday after a retired cop famous the convicted law-breaker behind the circle in the circuitously city of Independence.

Rayford, who has extensive swat piece with past armed robberies, faces sovereign gun possession charges in the holdup. 

The suspect’s rapist story was a startle to Murray.

“I was really astounded since it seemed like his first time,” Murray told the Kansas City radio station, reflecting on the encounter.

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