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Man Arrested After Bringing Emaciated Pit Bull to Vet: SPCA

A Suffolk County masculine is going by animal abuse costs after authorities settled a voracious array longhorn was forsaken during a veterinary workplace final week. 

47-year-old Willie Jordan was charged with one rest of animal cruelty for disaster to offer scold sustenance, together with meals, to his 2-year-old masculine array longhorn Bruce on Jun 8. 

The exceedingly spare and diseased dog was taken now to a veterinary sanatorium a place he acquired assertive life saving medical care. Bruce, now named Mason, was taken from Jordan and has given been adopted right into a amatory domicile by a veterinary technician from a Animal Hospital.

Jordan was arrested with out occurrence by Society for a Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) detectives. He was launched on hire home bail and is due for prosecution on Aug. 9.

Lawyer info for a chairman wasn’t now obtainable. 

SPCA Chief Roy Gross settled that animal cruelty won’t be tolerated in Suffolk County.

For those who declare any occurrence of animal cruelty or slight in Suffolk County, greatfully hit a Suffolk County SPCA during (631)-382-7722. All calls can be saved confidential.


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