Man intervenes in couple’s argument, is thrown 45 feet from bridge

DERBY, Conn. — Connecticut police contend a man threw another man 45 feet off a overpass since he intervened in an evidence between the think and his girlfriend.

Shelton police charged Gregory Rottjer with attempted murder in tie with the Thanksgiving morning confront that left the victim seriously injured. He faces prosecution Tuesday.

Rottjer’s crony Matthew Dorso was charged with attack while Rottjer’s girlfriend, Jennifer Hannum, was charged with fibbing to police.

Police contend Rottjer and Hannum were arguing as they walked opposite the overpass over the Housatonic River between Derby and Shelton. The victim and his hermit asked Hannum if she was OK, which stirred Rottjer and Dorso to start a fight that finished with the victim in the icy water.

CBS associate WSFB-TV reports the victim told police that he told Rottjer to “chill out.” But, police pronounced dungeon phone video shows Rottjer go after the victim who was subsidy up with his hands in the air.

Rottjer was being held on a $250,000 bond, the hire reported. Dorso was charged with third-degree attack and expelled on a guarantee to seem in court. Hannum was charged with interfering with an officer and expelled on a $1,000 bond.  

It was misleading if the suspects had lawyers.

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