Massive fire in Oakland forces hundreds to evacuate

OAKLAND, Calif. — A vast four-alarm fire erupted early Friday morning at a vast unit formidable under construction circuitously Oakland’s Lake Merritt, CBS San Francisco reports. 

The fire pennyless out just before 5 a.m. and grew as the blaze, which was fueled by building construction materials, widespread quickly.

Small explosions were listened as the abandon changed by the structure. A vast derrick dangled over the blaze, melancholy to presumably collapse. It was whirling out of control by the flames, elevating the concerns of firefighters.  

Firefighters pounded the glow using a “surround and drown” tactic. They took a defensive proceed and poured hundreds of gallons of water on the fire.   

Several hundred residents were evacuated from circuitously buildings. They collected on the street to watch firefighters battle the flames. 

Fire crews were also monitoring the rooftops of circuitously buildings to make certain the airborne embers did not light other fires. Alameda County sent additional units to the stage to help Oakland firefighters guard internal neighborhoods.

The plan was under construction as a churned used building and was impending execution in early 2018. It stretches opposite 3 blocks and designed to horde 225 apartments and 2,300 block feet of sell space. The building also enclosed an subterraneous parking garage.

A outrageous plume of smoke and charcoal fell over the area circuitously the blaze. The fire was manifest in San Francisco and to commuters on internal freeways in the Oakland area.

No injuries were reported. 

The means of the fire stays under investigation. 

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