Mellencamp unapproachable of ‘still being here’ as he releases 23rd album

As a Rock and Roll Hall of Famer with 23 albums and a Grammy to his name, John Mellencamp has copiousness to be unapproachable of.

But after some-more than 40 years of churning out hits, the maestro rocker says one fulfilment stands out most.

“Still being here,” Mellencamp told the Daily News. “That’s a flattering big fulfilment to be here still. Of all the guys we started out with that are my age, there’s a handful of us and that’s it. Everybody else possibly died, or they quit or they got smart and motionless not to do this.”

Mellencamp, 65, combined another section to his bequest last Friday with the recover of his latest studio manuscript — a rootsy and upbeat collection of 13 songs called “Sad Clowns Hillbillies” featuring country artist Carlene Carter.

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The manuscript — his first given 2014 — places a larger importance on the low-pitched aspect of the songs than some of Mellencamp’s other new albums, which he describes as having a some-more minimalistic sound.

Mellencamp — prolonged an zealous painter — pronounced he didn’t write any of his new music with a sold major thesis in mind. Instead, many of the marks for “Sad Clowns Hillbillies” simply just came to him while he was at home spending time on his artwork.

“Songwriting for me has turn like this: I’ll be portrayal and a voice in my conduct will go, ‘Hey you need to put that paintbrush down and write these difference down,’” he said. “And then I’ll go to that voice, ‘I don’t wish to write a song, I’m painting.’ ”


After a while, he gives in.

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“So then I’ll stop portrayal and I’ll write the strain down and then I’ll go back to painting,” Mellencamp said. “Then in a couple days I’ll find that strain and go, ‘Hey, when did we write this?’ It’s a smashing way of essay songs. That’s the way it’s been for me.”

It wasn’t always that easy for the heartland stone artist from Seymour, Ind. He admits it used to be much some-more of a grub coming up with music during his younger days when he was trying to mangle into the stone industry.

Mellencamp didn’t primarily intend to follow a career in songwriting. He ventured out to New York in the early 1970s in hopes of apropos a painter, but he eventually finished up dropping off a demo fasten of his performances with a bar rope to a record tag called Main Man, environment his career into motion.

“I didn’t even own a guitar when we got my first record deal. we had hawked my guitar to buy portrayal equipment,” he said.

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It incited out to be a savvy business decision.

NYC PAPERS OUT. Social media use limited to low res file max 184 x 128 pixels and 72 dpi

The 65-year-old’s latest album, “Sad Clowns Hillbillies,” hit shelves Friday.

(Susan Watts/New York Daily News)

“I got a record understanding and we arrange of just followed that path, fundamentally since the New York Art Student League wanted me to compensate money, but the record company was profitable me money,” Mellencamp recalled. “It’s good to get paid money.”

Mellencamp — who shot to stone stardom in the 1980s with hits such as “Hurts So Good,” “Jack Diane” and “Small Town” — creates it his goal to create something every singular day. Some days that’s a painting, others it’s a song.

Just don’t design him to go back and marvel at the finished products when he’s done.

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“Once we make these records, we very frequency listen to them,” says Mellencamp, who is set to embark on a 22-stop North American debate in June.

“Do you wish to go back and see your first girlfriend? (It’s the) same thing … we like to be a forward-moving person and we don’t really need to rehash what has happened.”

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