Mom says "heartless" hospital dumped daughter in the cold

The mom of a 22-year-old lady who was liberated from a Maryland hospital and left to deflect for herself in frozen cold weather at a train stop is speaking out to scold misconceptions about her daughter. The mother, who asked to be identified only as Cheryl, says she wants to “correct the misinformation that’s out there” given her daughter, Rebecca, “was humiliated” by the incident. 

“There are people who are observant that my daughter is a drug addict, my daughter’s a prostitute, that she’s deaf,” Cheryl told CBS News. “She’s not deaf, not a prostitute, not a drug addict. My daughter has mental illness.” 

The case gained inhabitant courtesy when a bystander prisoner cellphone video of hospital workers leaving Rebecca on a downtown Baltimore street wearing only her groundless hospital robe and hosiery in 30-degree weather.

“My daughter was likely of. She literally was likely of. It’s disgusting, heartbreaking, horrifying,” Cheryl continued. “And if it’s all of those things for me, we wish people to know how does Rebecca feel? This was finished to her. She was on the street with her physique exposed. There was no human grace at all.”   

For the reserve of her family, Cheryl chose not to divulge their last name to CBS News. 

According to Cheryl, Rebecca was diagnosed with mental illness — bipolar schizoaffective commotion — when she was 16 years old, and also has Asperger’s syndrome, a form of autism. Rebecca lived in a residential girl program called Pathways from the time she incited 18 until Christmas Eve of last year, when she was liberated for not holding her medication. 

“She has to be on meds, differently she has psychosis,” Cheryl said. “She will have, uh, a manic episode.”

Cheryl says she has been trying to get authorised safekeeping of her adult daughter to benefit control of her medication, housing and Social Security. But given of HIPAA studious remoteness laws, she says doctors will not pronounce with her. 

“This is a byproduct of what the mental health complement is,” she said. “I can't get any help for my daughter.”   

Last month, Rebecca stopped reaching out to her family members so Cheryl tried to file a blank persons report with police. During the process, authorities told her that Rebecca had been certified to a hospital in Baltimore. 

Cheryl says she came opposite the disturbing video while scrolling by Facebook. At first, she didn’t even comprehend that the lady in the clip was her daughter. 

“I didn’t even know that it was my daughter initially,” she said. “As he got close enough, we saw it was her and we got excitable given in that moment, it was perfect fear that my daughter was going to die. we still haven’t watched all of the video.”  

Cheryl says she tried to hit the hospital and was told to strech out to their media family dialect about the occurrence by email. 

“The hospital wasn’t being helpful. we called the confidence dialect (and) they laughed at me. When we told them, ‘That’s my daughter in the video and we just need to find out if she’s in the hospital,’ they laughed at me,” Cheryl said. “Every person that we talked to at the hospital possibly hung up on me or told me to email the hospital, and that everybody was going to tell me the same thing.”   

The video of Rebecca went viral progressing this week on social media. It shows 4 University of Maryland Medical Center confidence guards wheeling her to a train stop in her hospital gown. She can be listened great out after they walk away.

“It’s apparent with looking at the video — even someone who doesn’t know her, someone who doesn’t know anything about mental illness — it was very apparent that she was having some arrange of medical issue,” Cheryl continued. “You could see she has a vast pile on her front and her face was bloody. So, there was a medical issue. She was incoherent. A blind person, Hellen Keller, could see that my daughter was in need of medical attention.”  

Imamu Baraka, the man who available the video, called 911 and medics wound up holding Rebecca back to the same hospital. Cheryl says she has given been eliminated to a opposite trickery where she is receiving treatment.

“What was in that video was no consolation for a sick immature woman, and, um, it was just so cruel and inhuman how they put her out there in the cold, exposed, and didn’t know her history, didn’t know her background,” Cheryl said. “And we don’t consider they ever really cared given they weren’t looking at her like a human being.”  

The University of Maryland Medical Center apologized Thursday and betrothed a consummate investigation. In a created statement, the hospital states that they “share the startle and beating of many who have noticed the video. In the end, we clearly unsuccessful to perform the goal with this patient.” 

“We feel gentle in the matter that what you saw in that video is not a routine that would start with any magnitude at all,” pronounced Dr. Mohan Suntha, boss and CEO of the University of Maryland Medical Center.

Cheryl told CBS News that Suntha claimed that he has tried to strech out to her but couldn’t get in hit with her. As of Thursday night she pronounced she had nonetheless to hear anything from him.

“This was a hospital that has a psychiatric unit. They should know how to understanding with mental health patients but transfer them out on the street in the cold, naked,” she said. “They’re ostensible to be means to understanding with mental health issues, and if they don’t know how to understanding with mental health issues, then they should close their doors.”  

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