"My honeyed Momma": Search for lady trapped in fires ends in heartbreak

SANTA ROSA, Calif. — Jessica Tunis screamed at her mom to run out of the blazing residence but Linda Tunis pronounced she was trapped, there was fire everywhere, and the last thing she pronounced to her daughter was that she was going die before the call dropped.

The younger Tunis immediately called 911 early Monday, but didn’t know if they discovered her 69-year-old mom before her residence was intended in wildfires that swept Northern California’s booze country.

She incited to social media, along with hundreds of others looking for desired ones. She posted a picture of her mom smiling at a café with the caption, “Does anyone know if Journey’s End Mobile Home Park got evacuated before it burned down? we can’t find my mom, Linda Tunis.”

The post spawned some-more than 100 comments, mostly from strangers who offering support and tips, she told an AP contributor Tuesday night. Some even went to shelters to hunt for the lady who desired bingo and the beach.

“I’ve had people going to shelters for me since of Facebook,” Tunis said. “It does help. For sure. Anything helps.”

As of Wednesday, 22 wildfires were blazing in Northern California, up from 17 the day before. The blazes killed at slightest 21 people and broken an estimated 3,500 homes and businesses, many of them in California’s booze country.

New evacuations were systematic Wednesday afternoon amid a return of blowing winds and red dwindle conditions, stoking fires that are already among the misfortune in the state’s history, CBS San Francsico reported.

Sonoma County authorities pronounced they didn’t have the resources to demeanour for blank people with fires swelling and some-more evacuations.

Jessica Tunis hoped desperately that her mom was somewhere safe, incompetent to tell people who she was. The family continued job hospitals seeking Jane Does and attack up depletion centers.

On Wednesday, her hermit Robert Tunis picked by the waste where his mother’s residence once stood, acid for clues to what happened to her.

“She’s spunky, she’s sweet, she loves bingo and she loves the beach, she loves her family,” pronounced Jessica Tunis on Wednesday, crying. “Please help me find her. we need her back. we don’t wish to remove my mom.”

Hours after Tunis texted an AP contributor to contend her hermit had found their mother’s stays among the debris. Authorities put the stays of the 69-year-old lady in a tiny white plastic bag and strapped it to a gurney before holding it away.

Jessica Tunis didn’t forget to refurbish her friends on Facebook:

“My mother’s stays have been found at her home at Journey’s End. May she rest in peace, my honeyed Momma.”

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