New information shows how simply NYPD could crackdown on drivers

Clarification: My much-loved story last week on how drivers are distant some-more dangerous than cyclists and pedestrians was, unfortunately, formed on deficient information.

It turns out, drivers are even worse than we thought!

A new study from New York University’s Tandon School of Engineering creates it even clearer to me that assertive pushing and cellphone fiddling is obliged for the immeasurable infancy of the 125,000 automobile accidents available by the NYPD given July, 2012.

How do the eggheads know that?

Why does the NYPD aim cyclists instead of drivers?

Well, for years, they didn’t — but record now creates it probable to know what drivers were doing at the moment of the simply avoidable crash.

In the NYU study (which is embedded below), the high-tech information came from a California-based company called Zendrive, which monitors the function of drivers who willingly download its app in hopes of apropos better motorists (and obscure their insurance rates).

The company now collects hundreds of millions of trips every month from unchanging and veteran drivers nationwide. The information exhibit who is speeding, holding on a cellphone or pushing aggressively (hint: we all are) and, if used correctly, can help internal governments make bad pushing where it is actually occurring.

Model and Property Released (MRPR)

You’ve all finished it — but you should get a sheet for it. And then you should stop doing it. The life you save will likely be mine!

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And interjection to NYU and Zendrive, we now know where that is:

NYC defies inhabitant trends 23% cut in traffic deaths over 3 years

* There is a 75% association between the locations of motorist phone use and dungeon phone-related collisions reported by the NYPD.

* There is a 68% association between the locations of drivers’ quick acceleration and assertive driving/road fury collisions.

* And there is a 67% association between tough braking and collisions that resulted from following too closely.

Here’s what all that means: We know where drivers are speeding, pushing aggressively, braking additional hard, or articulate on their cellphones. So the NYPD could use that information to aim its crackdowns on drivers in the accurate places where they transgress, instead of ruling by anecdote, as we put it last week.

NYC ups spending to $1.6B for bid to quell traffic deaths

“With this turn of insight, city leaders no longer have to wait for crashes and casualties to occur,” the report says. “They can use the information to figure out when and where to muster interventions that will deter specific behaviors that would differently lead to collisions (and) concentration resources on deterring the behaviors at the top risk locations and at the many crash-prone days and times.”

Indeed, when the Taxi and Limousine Commission combined a reserve program that used monitoring systems like Zendrive crashes forsaken 23.84% among participants from the start of 2015 by the start of 2016 — but only declined 1.38% among the altogether swift during the same period.

So with this kind of data, believe is power.

“It’s very identical to an epidemiological approach,” pronounced Zendrive’s Director of Public Policy Noah Budnick. “If you know where and when to find the many dangerous driving, you can be active about deterring it before it results in a crash.”

Easier pronounced than done: Not every motorist is using systems like Zendrive, so we’re only getting information from drivers who know they’re being watched and are so some-more likely to drive in a safer manner.

But the non-monitored drivers sojourn a threat — and kill some-more than 100 pedestrians and cyclists every year. Nonetheless, moving defilement tickets against cyclists were up 46% from Jan. 1 to Apr 30 this year while summonses against drivers were up just 6%.

That’s scattershot in a city where drivers are apparently the problem. They need to be scrupulously punished and prepared — and Zendrive and NYU just handed the NYPD a big present for how to do that.

Will the cops uncover it?

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